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Thursday, June 14, 2018

How to be Fashionable this Summer

This summer’s hottest trends have something for everyone. And if you’re looking to be fashionable this season, expect to make a statement – a colorful, bold, happy one at that. With the return of check prints as well as sequins, and 80’s style puffed sleeves; the spectacle of bright, bold colors to the more subtle pastels on everything from dresses to jackets; the sprinkling of florals and cherries on tops, shoes, and dresses; and the display of over-the-top and yet practical accessories – this summer’s top trending fashion statements reflect the season’s very cheerful, confident statement of mind.   

Here are some top trends to follow if you want to be fashionable this summer:   

Colors Of The Season  

Be ready to welcome a burst of colors this season. From clothes to shoes to other accessories, adopt the more vibrant colors – from yellow to bright red to emerald green. And if you’re looking for something more subtle, worry not. Pastels have made a return this season, with lavender now the season’s top choice for those looking for a more feminine, soft color.   

Summery Beach Wear Vs The Luxury Wet Look   

Ready to hit the beach? Fret not. There’s a slew of trends you can adopt, including tropical print suits and bright, rainbow-colored turbans and accessories. And yet, what is summer without a display of floral wear. Adopt the traditional summery floral dress to the more trending display of cherries in tops, shoes or bags.   

In contrast to the bright, sun-kissed colors and trends, plastics are a dominating trend this summer. Once viewed as a purely functional item, the plastic-coated look is now on display on everything that is associated with luxury -- from clutches to dresses to coats to jumpsuits to boots. Yes, the waterproof, plastic, wet look is definitely a key fashion statement that is not going away anytime soon. Luxury or not, you can stay fashionable with these trends using coupons that are available to help save and rock that outfit.    

No To Minimalistic Look   

This summer, the 80’s top statements – puffed sleeves and sparkly sequins– are back with a vengeance. You’ll find it on everything from dresses to tops to jackets. Style your puffed-sleeve top with high-waist jeans or working paints to make a powerful statement this season. Another major fashion statement you will see a lot of this season is fringing. From bags to dresses to boots, expect to do a lot of swishing and shimmying around this season.     

Check Prints and Feathers  

Check prints – from ginghams, plaids, check caps to bags -- are here to stay this season and they’re definitely the “in thing” this summer. And so are feathers! Prominent on boots to trench coats, feathers aren’t going away anytime soon.        

Accessorize Away    

As with the summer’s top trends, use over-the-top accessories to make a statement. From bold earrings to the extra-large functional totes to even multiple bags to sequined sandals, accessorize your look with these bold statements.       

And Finally….   

For this season of backyard parties, beach trips, and vacation trips, stay fashionable yet functional with these top trends. Be it check prints and the wide array of color choices to the plastic look to multiple bags, this summer’s top fashion trends offer something for everyone.    You will find anything and everything, from the practical, working woman to more the bold, haute-couture-loving person. There is even something for those who prefer more subtle and feminine colors.
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