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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Kate Spade. The Brand. The Person. Lessons Learned.

I first took notice of the Kate Spade brand, when they created those popular 'Eat Cake For Breakfast' totes. I wanted one so bad at the time, but they were sold out and selling on eBay for astronomical amounts. In 2014, I purchased her Eat Cake For Breakfast mugs and beautiful pink journal. In 2015, the Kate Spade brand collaborated with Magnolia Bakery (NYC) and came out with the cutest makeup cases, that are sprinkled with frosted cupcakes and cherries. In 2012, I did a interview with Cincy Chic Magazine and I mentioned in the interview that Kate Spade was one of several women business owners I admired and respected. Also, in 2012 I remember showcasing one of her fun collections and musical chairs video right here on A Very Sweet Blog. UPLIFTING, FUN, POSITIVITY, DELIGHT, WHIMSY, FEMININITY, CUTENESS. These are just some of the words that sum up my feelings & emotions whenever I look at the Kate Spade products I own. Upon news of her death, I'm just realizing that she and her husband created the brand in 1993. By 2006, it was completely sold to Neiman Marcus. The brand went through a number of sales and it was eventually sold to Coach last year. (source) The Spade family relinquished all involvement in the business in 2007. So everything I purchased (shown here) was built on Kate Spade's original PHILOSOPHY for the brand! Companies will create things based on what you want and what will sell. I'm not mad with that! That's business! I love everything I have of Kate Spades'. But I look at everything differently now. Much differently then when I initially purchased them...

I pretty much drink out of these "Eat Cake For Breakfast' mugs every morning. When I open my kitchen cabinet, the 'Eat Cake For Breakfast' message immediately puts a SMILE on my face. These mugs are a JOY to drink from. But what I've never done, was look at the bottom of the mug (until today). On the bottom, it says "Kate Spade New York THINGS we love" (Lenox). I sat back in my chair and just took this in. THINGS! Not people we love! THINGS! There's nothing wrong with loving THINGS. We need THINGS in our lives. But this made me fully aware, that this is a BUSINESS! Businesses want you to love THINGS, because they want you to BUY! Again, nothing wrong with that, but for each of us I would encourage BALANCE. I've achieved that in my life. It wasn't that way always. When I was younger I thought I needed THINGS! Since blogging, I've gotten rid of a lot of THINGS. Stuff that wasn't me! Realize, THINGS COME & GO! PEOPLE COME & GO! BUY THINGS that will enhance your quality of life. DON'T BUY THINGS that you think will impress others. I've been drinking out of these mugs since '14. They start my day off great! They're pretty to look at and drink from. It was a purchase that fit me. Yes they take a pretty picture, but when no one is around (where no one else can see) I ENJOY THEM! When you buy something, DO IT FOR YOU! DO YOU ENJOY IT? That's what matters.

Cherry On Top....Pretty Please! I want this. I want that. We all have our wants! There's nothing wrong with wanting something. When I remodeled my home, I put all my makeup in totes. When it came to organizing my makeup room, I said to myself how will ALL of this come together. Surprisingly it did. Everything connected and blended together, because I purchased things I LOVE. When I look around the room, it's a reflection of me. I know I've promised to show my makeup room, and I will before years end. One shelf is incomplete, and I want to review a certain brand before filming. My lesson learned from this Kate Spade x Magnolia Bakery Makeup Bag & Cosmetic Cases is buy things you truly want (but think about it before you purchase it). Pretty want it. But why do you want it? Ask yourself why? What is its purpose? Cherry on top. For each of us, a cherry on top has a different meaning. I still have dreams un-fulfilled. I haven't even added "whipped cream" to my dreams. For me there's still just the cake (foundation of my dreams). When I purchased this set back in '15 all I saw was cupcakes & cherries. I see so much more. You have so much to live for! Remember to top your dreams with whipped cream & a cherry! They're not complete until you do so :)

Notebook of LIFE. Since Kate Spades death, I've viewed this 'Eat Cake For Breakfast' notebook differently. I see it as a person. The outside portrays a beautiful 'hard' pink cover with gold imprint. It's bound well and looks beautiful on a table or shelf. The first page dazzles you with metallic, foil gold dots. It's beautiful to the eye. It's been said a number of times, and many ways that people portray what they want you to know...what they want you to see on social media. That's the cover. But what about those inner pages? Spades sister stated Kate suffered from mental illness for many years...didn't seek help...and was afraid how it would affect her brand (source). There have been reports that her husband was going to leave her. So many stories will probably come up in future days, weeks, months and even years. I'm not here to pass judgement. But I do know that when someone commits suicide, there's usually a trigger and a total breakdown. It's sad. Death is not an easy subject to talk about or discuss. I feel each one of us here have been given 'gifts'. Knowingly or unknowingly we share those gifts with other people. Everyone has a purpose. Artists have left behind great works of art that we admire. Fallen musicians have left behind their music to listen to and enjoy. Kate Spade, despite all that was going on inside of her left an assortment of products that gives us each JOY! When you put on her earrings, hold her handbags, drink out of her mugs, wear her clothes etc. it's how she wanted you to FEEL! She wanted you to FEEL GOOD! Maybe she wanted to feel good! Maybe she wanted others to feel good! I'm only guessing. I can only ponder. That's the way these things make me feel. So, I thank her for these 'gifts'. I'm saddened that her life ended like this. I hate suicide. Be there for people when they want to talk. Include people that seem lonely. Take time out for them. Be there. You never know what's going on in those inner pages of a person's life. Know everything is not perfect. Know, no matter what they show online that people have problems. Don't just look at the outer cover.

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