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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Shipt Same-Day Grocery Delivery Service Review and Tips

Hey Everybody! This is not sponsored. I just wanted to tell you about a service that has made my quality of life 1000% better. I signed up for Shipt. It's a home/office grocery delivery service. I use to giggle when someone would say they had a maid, nanny, etc. When I was in my early 20's & 30's I did it ALL. I was SUPERWOMAN! Let me tell you, get all the help you can get (no matter what age you are and don't let anyone make you feel bad about it). For a couple of years now, I've been so tired of driving to the grocery store, picking everything out, putting the bags in the car, taking the groceries out the car, bringing them into the house, bringing them into the kitchen and then finally putting them away. I was on Twitter one night and I subscribe to They said Shipt was coming to the New Orleans area. So I read about them and was like WOW. I need them in my life! The annual fee is $99, but they were offering a one-day special annual rate for $49. I jumped on it. So far I've used them two times and I'm in love. Let me go through the process.

You can place your grocery order through the Shipt app (on your phone) or you can use your computer. The store selection is only Target and Rouses (for my area). Other areas may have more options (stores). You choose which store you would like to shop. You're then given a list of categories! You can shop things that are on sale. They also have products divided by category (baby, beverages, household essentials etc). You can do a search for your favorite items and then favorite them. Once you place an order, those items will then be listed under the 'Buy It Again' category. I buy the same things over & over, so I really like that feature. Anything you wish to purchase, place it in your cart. It will then give you a total. Next, pick a time you would like it delivered (they have 1-hour delivery windows). Shipt will also ask you to CHECK ONE box next to 'Substitution Preference'. Your options are 'Contact Me', 'Use Best Judgement' or 'Don't Substitute'. Enter your credit card number and place your order. A Shipt Shopper will then claim your order.

So you gave the Shipt Shopper your grocery list. If you checked off 'Don't Substitute' or 'Use Best Judgement' then you just wait for them to arrive. If you're persnickety like me and checked off 'Contact Me' then keep your phone right next to you, because your Shipt Shopper will most likely text you if an item you selected is not in stock (yes, they have your telephone number as required in your account information). I've had the same Shipt Shopper TWICE, so I am spoiled. If something I wanted (on my grocery list) is not in stock, she sends me a picture of what is in stock. This is so helpful. For example, they didn't have the punch I wanted, so I told her to skip it via text. They didn't have the cookies I wanted, so I selected another option via the picture she showed me. I like the 'Contact Me' option, because I usually have an alternative product in mind if something is out of stock. If you don't select that, then they're either not going to get the product or they will pick something THEY THINK you may like (sometimes that's good and sometimes not). If you tell them to contact you, you have to be available to discuss (text)! You can't be in meetings or around town busy. You're wasting their time. Be mindful & respectful of that. Below is my new Spring/Summer door wreath :)

When your Shipt Shopper completes your order (finishes grocery shopping), he or she will tell you. The delivery hour window is in 1-hour increments (9-10am, 10-11am etc). It may take an hour and a half for delivery. Target is a pretty nice distance from me, so give your driver some lead way and allow for traffic. I would give them a two hour window. I wouldn't schedule grocery delivery, if you have something else planned. That's too rush-rush. Schedule it when you have time and nowhere immediate you have to go. You will also receive a receipt! If you buy $35+, there is no delivery fee. Less than that and they will charge you. My delivery fee was ZERO each time, because I purchased more than $35 worth of groceries. TAX! Do you see that big ZERO? Let me tell you, New Orleans has THE HIGHEST amount of taxes on food (and everything). 10% you guys! Sometimes 10% and some other little taxes. I don't have to pay that when I shop through Shipt. At least not for now! LOL Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

How cute are the green Shipt insulated bags? You don't get to keep them, but they put your groceries in them to bring them inside your home. Then they take the store bags out. You can tip your Shipt Shopper through the app. I just give them cash (15-20% of the bill) at the door. They deserve and really appreciate it. What are some of the benefits I've noticed while using Shipt? I'm saving money using this service. With a set list, there's no longer any impulse shopping. I can stick to a budget. I don't have any taxes. There's no wear or tear on my body (lifting, hauling etc). All I have to do is put away the groceries. I don't have to worry about driving to the store, finding a parking spot or picking out things. They have a lot of what I want! Plus, my Shipt Shopper picked out my groceries as if they were hers (freshness, quality, etc). This service FREES ME UP TO DO OTHER FUN STUFF! Some negatives. You can't use coupons or a store reward card. I don't try to get quality meats through this service (I'm not saying it's not possible) but I will go to the store myself to get rib-eye steaks, fresh deli sliced meat etc. There are a limited selection of stores to choose from. Also, some sale prices advertised in the newspaper are only offered if you physically go into the store (I know bummer). But truly the perks outweigh everything. I love it and just wanted to share my experiences with you. Also, THINK ABOUT YOUR SHIPT SHOPPER! If you have groceries, have her just shop for that. Leave cleaning supplies, toiletries etc for another day. Think about the layout of the store. Don't try and get everything in one day. How would you feel, loaded down like that? On another note, I remember YEARS AGO how I shopped online (before it was popular). People use to laugh at me and exclaim "I have to go the mall...because I have to feel things and pick them out myself". I said GO ON! LOL Those same people are now shopping online. People will say the same thing about groceries!" I want to pick out my own groceries!" GO ON! LOL This is the new thing you guys. You can even have things delivered to another person or your office. This service is great for the disabled, elderly, singles and really EVERYBODY! If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact me on Twitter. Shipt has truly spoiled me. I like being spoiled ;)

I ordered my groceries from Shipt!
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