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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

NEW! Arctic Zero Light Ice Cream Review

PR Sample: I had a yummy weekend. I saw the musical Waitress and Arctic Zero sent me a case of their NEW light ice cream. My mom & I have been happily taste-testing these all weekend. THEY ARE DELICIOUS! Let me tell you, I like ice cream but I really don't go for a whole lot of stuff in my ice cream. Plus, I've reviewed some of Arctic Zero's Fit Chunky and Creamy pints in the past. Some I liked and some I didn't like. WELL I LOVE ALL OF THESE! Arctic Zero has knocked it out of the park with their NEW LIGHT ICE CREAM pints. I was skeptical! When they said, LIGHT ICE CREAM, I immediately thought watery, watered-down, no taste ice cream. NOT SO with these! NOT AT ALL! You think you're eating regular ice cream. So much taste! So much flavor! It shocked and impressed me. My mom, who is even more persnickety than me LOVED THEM! She almost ate one of the pints. I was like MOM! I have to take pictures of them! LOL Flavors I never thought I would go for, I absolutely love! Plus, these are 280-360 CALORIES PER PINT! My favorite brand ice cream is 600 calories per pint! So these are almost half the calories. Compare them to your favorites. NO SUGAR. NO ALCOHOL. NON GMO. rBST Free. I highly recommend these. Give them a try!

Arctic Zero Light Ice Cream | Cookie & Brownie Dough 
creamy vanilla flavor with cookie dough and brownie dough

Arctic Zero Light Ice Cream | Peanut Butter & Chocolate Cookies
creamy peanut butter with chocolate cookies and rich peanut butter swirls 

Arctic Zero Light Ice Cream | Cookies & Cream 
creamy vanilla flavor with chocolate sandwich cookies

Arctic Zero Light Ice Cream | Chocolate Chunk
Creamy chocolate with dark chocolate chunks.

Arctic Zero Light Ice Cream | Toffee Crunch
creamy vanilla flavor with toffee chunks and caramel swirls

Arctic Zero Light Ice Cream | Vanilla Bean
creamy vanilla with real vanilla beans

Arctic Zero Light Ice Cream | Mint & Chocolate Cookies
creamy mint flavor with chocolate cookies and dark chocolate chunks

Now Available at Select:

Fresh Thyme, Giant, Giant Eagle, Jewel, Martin's, Russ's, Safeway, ShopRite, Stop & Shop, Super Saver & Woodman's stores.

* Arctic Zero light ice cream flavors contain between 64%-74% fewer calories and 84%-94% less fat than similar flavors of full-fat ice cream.

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