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Friday, June 8, 2018

Take My Face Off Reusable Makeup Mittys and Beauty Pollution

PR Sample: Hey Everybody! Today is World Oceans Day (June 8th)! Recently in the news, we've heard about the overwhelming amount of plastic in the Ocean (plastic pollution). It's a huge problem! There's also been a recent campaign to stop using straws. I'm on board! Another problem, are the amount of wet cleansing & makeup wipes that are causing both ocean & shoreline pollution. I used makeup wipes for a number of years! They're really good, but if they're causing environmental pollution that's not good. When I found out about this problem, I stopped. I've been using cleansing balms. I know you're saying, what if I use a cleansing liquid to remove my makeup? Well, the PR people at Take My Face Off contacted me. Amanda McIntosh (TMFO founder) wanted to clean up our beauty routines and came up with The Makeup Mitty & The Mitty Blackout. Take My Face Off’s reusable Makeup Mittys were created to stop the wastefulness in our makeup removal and beauty routines (while still feeling super soft and being amazingly effective at quickly and easily removing even waterproof mascara). Even the blue raindrop shape reminds us that we are helping to prevent ocean pollution every time we reach for a Mitty instead of a makeup wipe or cotton ball! The brand is also donating 20% of proceeds for the month of June to Ocean Conservancy's Trash Free Seas initiative to help combat ocean pollution. They sent me a set of each, so let me tell you about my experiences. 

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  Take My Face Off The Makeup Mitty is Sweet
  Take My Face Off The Mitty Blackout is Sweet

Take My Face Off - The Makeup Mitty
I love the blue raindrop shape. It's a great reminder that this product is helping to prevent ocean pollution. It's a really generous size, because this mitt almost fits the palm of my hand (I have long hands, because I'm tall). You wet the mitt. You apply your liquid cleansing solution. Scrub away! The mitt is soft. It remained soft after wetting & applying my cleansing solution. It gently but effectively removed all of my makeup. The larger end is for larger areas of the face. To get into the inner corners of eyes and the eye area, you use the smaller pointier end. I'm always using  my washcloths, and this will save the wear & tear on them. Throw them into your washer machine & dryer and they're clean!

Take My Face Off creates reusable, super soft makeup removing Makeup Mittys that are much better for the environment than makeup wipes and cotton balls. They take off every trace of makeup and are way cuter than a gross old washcloth. Price and Availability: $38.50 for a three pack of Makeup Mittys at

Take My Face Off - The Mitty Blackout 
I was also sent The Mitty Blackout ($42.50 for 5) which is a washable eye makeup remover mitt. These are black in color and slightly smaller than the The Makeup Mitty's. What I love about these, is because of their color, they are great for removing dark eye makeup. Especially eyeliner & mascara. Also eyebrow makeup. These things do a job on my washcloths! LOL So these are nice to have and use. Another use I found for these is cleaning makeup brushes. Insert your fingers in both ends and it's great for cleaning makeup brushes. As an added bonus, Mittys® aren't as thirsty as cotton balls and rounds, so the fluid isn't wasted and you save money!

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