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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Beauty Bakerie Eyelash Icing Waterproof Mascara, Cotton Candy Champagne Blush Highlighter Palette, Cake Pop in Peanut Butterluster & Cinnamon Churro and Hazelnut Swirl Metallic Liquid Lipstick Lip Whip Review, Swatches, Demo and YouTube Video Part Two

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post.

Not Sponsored: I reviewed Beauty Bakerie's base face products yesterday in Part One of this series. Today (in Part Two) I am going to review some of their color face products. For a more in-depth review, check out my YouTube video.

Beauty Bakerie Eyelash Icing Waterproof Mascara - Sweet
I love the name of this mascara! I love the packaging! Beauty Bakerie's Eyelash Icing Waterproof Mascara (ULTA, Beauty Bakerie) is black. It's waterproof. It has an hourglass wand. This mascara comes in a tube. I apply this mascara in my YouTube video. It did a great job separating and coating each lash. It definitely defined them. I would say this is a great EVERYDAY mascara. Its nothing over the top. It provided some lengthening and volume, but your lashes look NATURAL. If you want more dramatic lashes, this mascara will not give you that type of look.

Beauty Bakerie Cotton Candy Champagne Blush Highlighter Palette - Sweet
I always get a little nervous about shimmer on my cheeks, but I really like Beauty Bakerie's Cotton Candy Blush Highlighter Palette (ULTA, Beauty Bakerie). First, the packaging! I love the bubbly glasses of champagne with pink cotton-candy atop each glass. I love that Beauty Bakerie gives you FOUR options.. The first two are a little too pink for me, but I show them to you in my YouTube video (24h Champagne Diet, Sip Sip Hooray). I think they will look great on lighter skin tones. My favorites for my skin tone are the last two (Stop and Smell the Rose and No Champagne, No Gain). All are swatched on my hand below. These are highly pigmented and have highlighting properties, so use a light hand. In my picture below is a mix of the last two (to see each individually watch my video).

Beauty Bakerie Cake Pop Lipstick in Peanut Butterluster and Cinnamon Churro - Supersweet
I'm LOVING Beauty Bakerie's Cake Pop Lipsticks (ULTA, Beauty Bakerie). These are mini lipsticks housed in cake/pie sliced packaging! The lipsticks have the cutest & most colorful cake pop designs. They have a soft matte formula that is creamy and feels great on the lips. There's nothing drying about them and they are highly pigmented. I only purchased two, but I will definitely purchase more. My favorite was Peanut Butterluster, which is a matte warm brown tan. Cinnamon Churro is a FIESTA RED! It's a matte terracotta. Don't be afraid to get these. There are 15 shade options.

Beauty Bakerie Matte & Metallic Lips Whips + Hazelnut Swirl Metallic Lip Whip - Sweet
I reviewed some of Beauty Bakeries matte (ULTA, Beauty Bakerie) & metallic (ULTA, Beauty Bakerie) lip whips in the past (linked in the first paragraph). Only a few worked out for me and I didn't understand why. Well Cashmere, the CEO of Beauty Bakerie came out with some Do's & Donuts as it relates to her lip whips. I show them to you in my YouTube video. Bottom line, make sure your lips are in good condition (exfoliated, hydrated) and DON'T USE ANY OTHER PRODUCTS ON YOUR LIPS. I love my Sara Happ lip primer & Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base on my lips, but when using these you just can't. It will conflict with these. ALL OF THEM are highly pigmented. Take your time while applying these. ONCE THEY DRY DOWN THEY DO NOT BUDGE! To remove them can be difficult if you don't have the right products. Beauty Bakerie sells a lip whip remover (I've never tried). Clinique take the day off cleansing balm works well. Also good old Vaseline. Below is Hazelnut Swirl on me, but if you want to see the other colors in my collection that are swatched on my hand below then watch my YouTube video.

My Final Thoughts: Beauty Bakerie offers an array of blushes, lip products, and eyeshadow palettes. I'm very pleased with what is in my collection.

If you would like to see these products in action, watch my YouTube video below.
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