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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Micki Song Cosmetics: Beach Glow, Harper, Sugar Sugar, Selena & Comfy Lips Review, Swatches and YouTube Video

Not Sponsored: I've been reviewing indie (small independently owned) makeup & skincare brands this year. It was one of my 2019 goals. Micki Song Cosmetics caught my eye. They are "a mother-daughter team ... that creates products with all ages in mind." I really like that :) Their philosophy is "wear what makes you feel good at any age." They make lipsticks, lip gloss, lip scrub, lip balm, lashes and nail lacquer. I purchased some of their lipsticks for Spring & Summer. I also purchased some lip scrubs, that I will review for you soon. Lets first talk packaging! It is so beautiful. Their brand colors seem to be a beautiful aqua blue & red combination. The lipstick boxes have beautiful red roses and hearts on them. I purchased four lipsticks. Two were gathered with a beautiful miniature faux red rose. I purchased two lipsticks that also came with lip scrubs (lipstick / lip scrub duo). Those were wrapped in beautiful aqua tulle and tied with a miniature faux red rose. I love how they pay attention to details. It really means a lot. The lipstick tube is an aqua blue. It's a hard & durable plastic case (it doesn't feel cheap). The Micki Song log is imprinted in gold. Its very pretty. You get about 2" of lipstick and the top of the lipstick has a flat angle. I found each lipstick to be very pigmented and of excellent quality. I will definitely purchase more. Check out my YouTube video to see how each performs individually. I will also describe my thoughts on each for you below. I was very impressed with all of them.

Micki Song Cosmetics products are CRUELTY FREE, GLUTEN FREE and PARABEN FREE.

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff) 
  Micki Song Cosmetic Lipsticks are Supersweet 
Micki Song Cosmetic Comfy Lips Lip Balm is Sweet

Beach Glow (Satin Creme Lipstick)
Beach Glow is described as a peach metallic lipstick. It is OH SO PRETTY! It has so much dimension to it and scream Spring & Summer. It applied beautifully and I consider it a UNIVERSAL SHADE. It will look good on the lightest to the darkest skin tones. The lipstick was very creamy. I immediately pulled out my Pixi Beauty Rome Rose Glow-y Powder and applied it to my cheeks. It really complimented this lipstick. This lipstick is beautiful and has the perfect name.

Harper (Semi Matte Lipstick)
I love Beach Glow, but my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE is Harper. I love peachy colors on me! This is described as a peachy nude lipstick. It's matte, but its NOT DRYING. It's creamy. It's a peachy brown color. It's pigmented. I LOVE IT! Same blush you guys! Very complimentary to this lipstick as well. If you love peachy shades, this one is for you.

Sugar Sugar (Satin Creme Lipstick)
Sugar Sugar is a nude pink lipstick. This is a light pink lipstick. Its ok, but not a favorite on me. This shade will look great on lighter and darker skin tones. If you're a medium skin tone like me, I would skip it. The color is beautiful. The formula is beautiful. I just feel it compliments other skin tones better. The reason I got this, was because they were out of Birthday Suit. Its POPULAR! Its more of a mauve pink. So when I place a second order, I will definitely get that one.

Selena (Semi Matte Lipstick)
Selena is considered a red lipstick. But it's not any old red lipstick. Its a gorgeous brick red. This lipstick is HIGHLY PIGMENTED! You have to be careful applying it or you can easily go out of your lip line. I'm also surprised its a matte, because it doesn't feel like a matte. Its very luminous and creamy. All I can say its BEAUTIFUL. I love red lipsticks!

Comfy Lips Lip Balm
This lip balm has Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and lots of other good things in it. 
It's super moisturizing and has a light vanilla scent. It feels really good on the lips.

If you would like to see these lipsticks in action, watch my YouTube demo below.

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