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Monday, April 29, 2019

Beauty Bakerie Wake & Bake Face Oil, Blending Eggs Makeup Sponges, Cake Face Concealer in Procaffeinating, Cake Mix Foundation #31 and Flour Translucent Setting Powder Review, Swatches, Demo and YouTube Video Part One

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Not Sponsored: Hey Everybody! I've tried Beauty Bakerie's Matte Lip Whips, Metallic Lip Whips and Neapolitan Eyeshadow Palette in the past. So, I wanted to try some more of their products. I've split this review into two parts. Today, I'll be covering their base products: face oil, makeup sponges, concealer, foundation, and setting powder. For an in-depth look into how these products perform, check out my YouTube video. Wishing you guys a really great week!

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff)
Beauty Bakerie Wake & Bake Face Oil - Bittersweet
I have dry skin. Last year, I fell in love with Smashbox's Primer Oil (review)(ULTA, QVC, Nordstrom, Macys, and Smashbox). It really made a difference in my foundation application. So I am open to trying other face oils. I tried Beauty Bakerie's Face Oil and it has a lovely lavender/chamomile type scent. It's housed in a bottle and has a dropper. The dropper worked great. This oil felt great on my skin. It absorbed quickly. So what was the problem? It didn't provide enough moisture for my skin. The foundation didn't lay as evenly with this face oil. In my YouTube video, I used the Smashbox face oil on one side and the Beauty Bakerie face oil on the other side of my face. The foundation laid much better on the Smashbox side. This oil may work better for other skin types (combination, normal etc.)

Beauty Bakerie Blending Eggs (Makeup Sponges) - Not Sweet
I've watched many reviews on Beauty Bakerie's blending egg makeup sponges. The reoccurring issue is the density of these makeup sponges. I knew I was taking a chance buying these, but I wanted to try them for myself. The packaging is SO CUTE! I mean, sponges in an authentic egg carton. I have this on display in my makeup room. My thoughts on the sponges? I don't like them. You receive 3 pink and 3 blue/green sponges. They are very dense. They are slightly bigger than Beautyblender sponges (as shown below). I wetted them and they don't expand much. I tried using these when applying my concealer and foundation. They were just too hard. They don't feel good against the face. I much prefer my Beautyblender and Real Technique makeup sponges. Do yourself a favor and skip purchasing these!

Beauty Bakerie Cake Face Concealer in Procaffeinating - Bittersweet
Beauty Bakerie's Cake Face Concealer is offered in 8 shades. Beauty Bakerie tells you to purchase a shade lighter than your regular shade. Well, I did! I'm a very fair african-american woman. There are only 2 shades LIGHTER than Procaffeinating. This concealer oxidizes (gets DARKER). Look at my hand swatch! The dot is the color when you first apply it. The line is the color it turns after so many minutes. It starts off great, but it doesn't match my color after it dries. It was dark on me and it had a hint of orange in it. In my YouTube video, you can see all of this happening. I would happily go down a shade, but another problem I have with this concealer is it only provides LIGHT COVERAGE. It didn't hide my under eye circles and dark cheek spots. I applied a second application, but it just kept getting darker on my skin and not good coverage. I much prefer my Tarte Shape Tape concealer (review) (ULTA, Tarte, QVC).

Beauty Bakerie Cake Mix Demi Matte Foundation Shade #31 - Sweet
There is a silver lining in all of this! I LOVE Beauty Bakerie's Cake Mix Foundation. Let's talk packaging! It's like a mini cook book! The front looks so delicious! There's a cute pink bowl filled with cake mix. There's a spoon & fork. The words Cake Mix are irridescent and filled with confetti. There's a cute & comical nutrition side and directions on how to use this foundation. I go into detail in my YouTube video. This has to be THE CREAMIEST foundation! It feels so good on the skin. ONE PROBLEM! Just like the concealer, you want to choose a lighter color. I picked #31 and its too dark for me. I need to go down several colors. So I wouldn't look mix match, I applied foundation to my neck & chest area in my video. You can see in my picture below. But this foundation provides excellent coverage. It gives your skin a nice glow. It adheres to the skin really well. I will purchase the right foundation and give you an UPDATE in the next couple of months or sooner. I wish this foundation was at ULTA where you can test it along with their other products but its not (nor is the concealer). But if you pick the right shade, you're in for a skin treat. It's a really good foundation.

Beauty Bakerie Flour Setting Powder (Translucent Powder) - Bittersweet
Translucent powder can be tricky. I've had my share of bad ones in the past. My favorite is Laura Mercier's Translucent Setting Powder (review)(Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Selfridges, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Sephora, Dillards, Macys, Lord & Taylor) (it blends in well with my makeup). The problem I have with Beauty Bakerie's Flour Setting Powder (ULTA, Beauty Bakerie) is that it is too white for my skin tone. It just lays atop my skin. I much prefer my Laura Mercier. Beauty Bakerie also offers this in pink, yellow & brown. The brown looks too dark for me and I'm not interested in pink or yellow. The packaging is REALLY CUTE! The authentic looking flour bag is absolutely precious. The actual setting powder is in a jar inside the bag. I have this bag in my makeup room as well. It's just cute to look at.

My Final Thoughts: I really love Beauty Bakerie's foundation. I think everyone will! Just make sure you choose a shade lighter than what you think. Same goes for the concealer (choose a shade lighter). Both oxidize. The face oil is great for anyone other than dry skin types like myself. The setting powder options are great for lighter & darker skin types. Medium skin tones may have to find another option for setting powders. Don't buy the makeup sponges! They don't blend concealer or foundation well! They're a waste of money in my opinion. Cute, but not functional.

To see these products in action, check out my YouTube video.
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