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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Micki Song Cosmetics Sweet As Sugar Lip Scrub in Pink Champagne & Strawberry Candy Review and YouTube Video

Not Sponsored: Yesterday, I reviewed several Micki Song Cosmetics lipsticks & lip balms for you. I was very impressed with both. This company also makes lip scrubs. They come in two flavors, pink champagne and strawberry candy. Before I review the lip scrubs, can we just fall in love with the packaging!?! How delightful are the boxes they come in!?! The boxes make me think of a patisserie. Cute little macarons, eclairs and other tasty confections. These are scattered on all sides of the box. These lip scrubs are Vegan & Cruelty Free. They are Made in the USA. They contain sweet almond oil, vitamin e, shea butter and such. You massage a small amount on your lips and wipe away. Let me describe each for you below. I do have a favorite! To see these in action, watch my YouTube video. Have a sweet day!

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff)

Micki Song Cosmetics Pink Champagne Lip Scrub - Sweet
Pink Champagne is a delightful lip scrub. The color truly mimics a glass of pink champagne. It smells like champagne. It tastes like champagne. Micki Song Cosmetics lip scrubs are denser than your average lip scrubs, but they exfoliate & moisturize really well (without being greasy or oily). This lip scrub will leave you with pink fingers and pink around your lips. BUT NO FEAR! Scrub your lips first and THEN WASH WITH YOUR REGULAR CLEANSER. Your cleanser should remove everything. This would be a cute party favor gift for a bridal/bridesmaid or baby shower. Its really good.

Micki Song Cosmetics Strawberry Candy Lip Scrub - Supersweet
MY FAVORITE! MY FAVORITE! MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE is Strawberry Candy! Throw strawberry candy out of your mind. This lip scrub is red ripened juicy fresh strawberries! Did I mention JUICY? I know its hard to believe. I couldn't believe it when I tried it, but when you open the jar IT SMELLS LIKE STRAWBERRIES. Lick it and IT TASTES LIKE JUICY STRAWBERRIES! I can't get over how authentic this lip scrub is. There's nothing artificial about it. It's THE BEST strawberry lip scrub, I have ever tried. It's dense just like pink champagne, but it exfoliates and moisturizes beautifully. ONE LITTLE QUIRK! JUST ONE! This lip scrub will leave you with red fingers and a red pout! SO AGAIN! SCRUB YOUR LIPS FIRST. THEN CLEANSE YOUR FACE! I don't mind putting myself out there (for you guys), so I did a quick YouTube video showing you these in action. If you order this, BUY TWO! Because somebody (in your home) will take it! They will snatch it. It will be theirs. You will squabble over the jar. I'm warning ya!  >.<

To see these lip scrubs in action, CLICK HERE or on the picture below :)
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