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Monday, April 15, 2019

Game of Thrones | Final Season

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Not Sponsored: I'll be honest and say, I didn't like Game of Thrones at first. Mainly because, the men mistreated women on every level. There were strong female characters, but the onslaught of male a**holes always seemed to outnumber them. Even my beloved Jason Momoa (Kahl Drogo), played an ass-wipe. He eventually turned good, but it took a strong woman to set him straight. Doesn't it always? >.<  I'm so glad I met him at Wizard World / Comic Con. He is a sweetheart. Season after season of watching Game of Thrones, I had to keep in mind that these were characters. The story is fictional. Having both good & bad characters, always makes for an interesting watch. I learned that as a child from Disney movies. I'm an avid Star Wars fan. I learned this from the Harry Potter Series. But something about GOT, made me uncomfortable. It stirred up strong feelings. Season after season, I would watch these sick, twisted characters. I would say to myself, who wrote this stuff? Of course that would be George R.R. Martin. He created characters, that mimic real-life (in another life). You have garbage, gutter characters that will stop at nothing to get what they want. As uneasy as it sounds, we know those kind of people either directly or indirectly. Then you have those that are good and want what is right. We know them as well. Sometimes its good when something makes you uncomfortable. It shakes you up. It makes you think. Martin will twist your mind up, down and around. That's powerful. I went to Wikipedia and during his childhood he merely went from home to school and vice versa. This "limited world made him want to travel and experience other places, but the only way of doing so was through his imagination." The mind is an interesting mechanism. One day I would like to read the books. On another Game of Thrones note, the Urban Decay Game of Thrones Makeup Collection SOLD OUT. People from various countries were on their website trying to attain the collection. It's suppose to be in stores (eg. ULTA) soon. I personally only want the lipsticks, but everyone seems to be after the vault. I just know I won't use all of that makeup. Well, that's all for me. My popcorn & wine are ready. Don't know if I am. There's always a scene that takes my breath away. I can't wait to see how Game of Thrones ends. Maybe if I would've read the books, I would know :P Have a great week :) and happy viewing.

 "You Want A Queen? Earn Her" ~ Cersei Lannister (Ep1 Final Season)
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