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Monday, August 19, 2019

Are You Ready To Grow Your Team?

When you first launched your business, you couldn’t imagine for a second having more than a few people to help you. But gradually, one customer turned into ten, and twenty, and one hundred, and now you know that you’ve hit an essential growth level. You need a bigger team to tackle the increasing demand. But, as a new business owner, you need to make sure that you’re fully ready to grow your business. Indeed, growth comes at a cost. It changes the way your company works. It changes internal processes. It changes your portfolio. And, more importantly, it changes you as a manager. Are you ready for the challenge?

Make room for new talents
Growth doesn’t mean hiring more people. It means expanding the business to sustain its position on the market. As such, you need to create room within your structure for new talents. For instance, adding new services lets you hire new experts who can pretty much hit the ground running. In the long term, you’ll find it easier to diversify your offering with new talents than trying to bring someone new into an existing team and expecting them to show the know-how than more experienced members. You can, however, get entry-level roles in each team and train them accordingly. Another great idea for growth is to move to a bigger office. Your team doesn’t want to feel cramped as a result of business expansion!

Give them a chance to grow with you
Nurturing your business talent is the most critical retaining strategy you can have. Indeed, building your team goes beyond the recruiting process. You need to offer your employees the opportunity to pursue their career and stay on top of market knowledge – you can find top custom eLearning content providers that offer dedicated business skills. Indeed, the more your employees can learn with your business, the more likely they are to gain more responsibilities and be able to move their career forward with in-house promotions.

You can’t grow if they don’t stay
Keeping your employees is a tricky balancing act. Training is only one of the factors that encourage retention. But your staff are constantly looking for better options that offer them advantages they lack. Job perks play a significant role in securing a team of loyal employees. People want perks that reflect their life values and understand their needs. For instance, unlimited holiday makes it easier for staff to stay motivated throughout the year. Working hard with no reward is not sustainable. However, when working hard becomes the necessary requirement to book paid time off, long office days are more enjoyable.

Can you manage more people?
A small team is easy to manage. But imagine that your 10-people company has suddenly tripled in size. How are you going to assign task effectively to everyone? Who is going to check on each project? The answer is that you can’t do everyone alone. You need tools and experts to help you manage your team.

Business growth is the most satisfying yet challenging time for your company. Making enough room for each talent to bloom is tricky. But managing these talents effectively and productively so that they can do their best work in the set time is even more difficult. That’s why no business owner should embrace growth without a professional advisor on HR tips, task and team management tools, and self-improvement opportunities. Every growth should be shared with the whole team.
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