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Friday, August 16, 2019

7 Things To Do In San Francisco After Dark

Looking for a way to spend your evening in San Francisco? You don’t have to look far to find something to do in this buzzing city. Here are just a few of the best attractions worth trying after dark in San Francisco.

Hit the bars
San Fran has no shortage of bars. For some of the best clubs and bars, it’s worth heading to Valencia Street – it’s the heart of San Francisco’s bohemian culture. There are also plenty of quirky bars to try out including original speakeasies and various tiny bars.

Take a night tour
There are many tours that operate at night that can allow you to sight-see and learn about the history of San Francisco. A particularly good tour to try out after dark is a San Francisco horror tour. These tours involve ghost stories and tales about various gristly crimes that have taken place in the city – they’re a great way to learn about San Francisco’s darker side.

Visit Alcatraz
Many people don’t realize that you can visit Alcatraz at night. Visiting this notorious prison after dark can really add to the atmosphere and there are even opportunities to stay the night here! These tours can be popular and it’s worth booking several weeks in advance to guarantee a slot.

Take a dinner cruise
A dinner cruise can be a magical way to spend a night in San Francisco. Such cruises can take you past the Golden Gate Bridge and various other sight that look spectacular at night. On top of dinner cruises, there are also regular night cruises – these can be cheaper.

Spend a night at the museum
Several of San Francisco’s museums are open after dark on certain nights. The California Academy of Sciences is one such museum worth visiting at night – the museum hosts live music and cocktails and there are often talks on cutting edge science topics. The Exploratorium is also open every Thursday night after dark, featuring various interactive exhibits and cash bars for buying drinks.

Go to a comedy club
The city also has a big comedy club network and many of the biggest comedians regularly tour San Francisco. If you fancy a night of hilarity, why not look into some of the local comedy shows?

Catch some live music
There are also plenty of live music venues worth checking out in San Francisco. From large concerts to small local gigs, there is plenty of choice if you love your music. Bottom of the Hill and The Fillmore are two legendary venues worth trying.
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