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Thursday, August 22, 2019

In The Kitchen: Instant Pot, Cake Stand and Paper Towel Stand

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Not Sponsored: 1. Last Christmas, my friend from Little Luxury List gifted me The Essential Instant Pot Cookbook. She's so intuitive, because on Twitter I kept saying I want to get an Instant Pot. I was ready to purchase one (like from Target), but when I went to the Instant Pot website there were so many more options. I said, you know what!?! I better read and see which is best for me. Well, the holidays ENDED, it got WARM (Nah HOT) and I didn't feel like dealing with an Instant Pot. So fast forward, it's almost holday/hopefully cold season again. I went on Instant Pot's website, read up on the latest & greatest and PURCHASED the Instant Pot Ultra 8 quart from their 10-in-1 Series (also here, here and here). I was set on the 6 quart, but when I evaluated my regular soup/chili pots they were all 7 quarts. So I thought 8 quarts would give me enough room to grow. This one is digital. It does cakes. It has a cooking progress indicator. It has 16 smart programs. I ordered the cake pan, loaf pan, steamer. I ordered the non-stick inner pot, extra rings and lid. So I can't wait to get it and start using it. I'll keep you posted. 2. I have a large clear cake stand in my kitchen. It's great for big cakes, but lately I've been purchasing smaller cakes. So, I wanted a smaller cake stand. I found this cutie. It has a milk glass bottom, pedestal footing and glass dome. I love the ruffle edges. It's very girly. My kitchen has been remodeled. I finally got the backsplash done. Now, I'm just adding some minor details. I saw this paper towel stand and it checked off all my boxes. The color fits with my dark cabinets. It's durable. It's classy. I can't wait to put this on my countertop. I was going to introduce "In The Kitchen" as a goal for next year, but I said nah, why wait. HaHaHa I'll be adding my tidbits here and there. I want to cook and bake more. That's all for now :)

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