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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Pumpkin Spice And Everything Nice

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Not Sponsored: This weekend, I wrapped up both my Halloween and Thanksgiving home decor shopping. You can read my 2019 Halloween Indoor Decor blog post. I'm happy to say, all that's left to do is get food :) How do I feel about pumpkin spice? You can read my 2013 blog post. In beauty, I love pumpkin spice lip scrub and lipstick. I'm now incorporating just a little bit of the pumpkin spice theme in my holiday home decor. The board below is a mix of Halloween and Thanksgiving. I wouldn't dare put ALL of these things together in my house. It would be too much! Let's start with Thanksgiving! 1. I saw this pumpkin spice and everything nice door mat. It made me smile every time I looked at it. I'm not putting it outside. I thought it would be a nice element of fun in my kitchen for Thanksgiving. I love the delicious slices of pumpkin pie, pumpkin pie latte's, pumpkins & leaves. 2. I have a bench & bench pad in my living room. I thought these two pillows (here and here) would look cute together. 3. I love caramel anything! This candle has pumpkin, caramel, peach, orange, creamy milk, vanilla, cinnamon, almond and nutmeg in it. I can't wait to smell it! 4. Also for Thanksgiving, I thought this luscious pumpkin trifle (vanilla cake, cinnamon, sweet cream and pumpkin) and 5. caramel apple cake candle (rich caramel, vanilla frosting and apple cake) would delight my senses. Now let's move on to Halloween! 6. I haphazardly found this death by chocolate candle. When a reviewer said it smelled like brownies, it immediately went into my cart. LOL I purchased two ;) 7. This trick or treat candle has been around for years! I've never tried it. So I got it and 8. this cute candle lamp shade to top it off. They're really cute together. 9. This smiling jack-o-lantern and black cat are actual candle holders. I don't know if I'll use them this year, but because I purchased other things they were discounted (and they're NEW). I didn't want to experience buyers remorse, so I purchased them. 11. I wanted something that glows (luminary), so I purchased this warmer. It uses 12. candle melts. It creates a nice ambiance and has a spooky spider web design. It also has a timer. So that's it you guys! I'm good to go for the holidays.

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