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Thursday, August 8, 2019

T3 Cura Luxe Hair Dryer and Singlepass Luxe Straightening & Styling Flat Iron Review

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Not Sponsored: My mom's hair dryer 'kicked the bucket several months ago. I purchased it from Sally's Beauty Salon. It lasted for years. I really had no MAJOR complaints about it. I had to spend a little extra time blow-drying her hair to make sure it wouldn't get frizzy or have fly-aways, but I knew it wasn't an ionic hair dryer. That was to be expected. I've been curious about ionic hair-dryers and flat-irons. I've always heard great things about them. So I decided to invest and purchase one. I was browsing Macy's website and they offered T3's brand new CURA LUXE Hair Dryer for a great price. Also, Ebates (which is now Rakuten) was offering 10% cash back that day on any Macy's purchase. It was a win-win for me, because I wanted to try the brand T3 and I NEEDED a hair-dryer pronto. LOL While I was purchasing the hair-dryer, I said let me get the flat iron as well. I had a mild heart attack when making this purchase; even with the sale price it was expensive. I went ahead and picked white, because it matches my makeup room. These hair tools are also offered in black. How did both perform? Read my review below. My mom will be my hair model. She's 71 years young you guys :) with a beautiful head of hair.

The brand T3 has a Cura and Cura Luxe hair dryer. Cura Luxe is the newest. Both are ionic. Both have a pure stream cap. Both have a cool shot button. And both have 2 speed settings. What's the difference? The Cura has THREE heat settings. The Cura Luxe has FIVE heat settings. There's also a volume booster switch (to give you fuller hair) on the Cura Luxe and the Cura Luxe has sensors (when you take your hand off the handle it shuts off). I'm glad I purchased the Cura Luxe, because I use the fourth heat setting for her hair (which you see below). I like this hair dryer for many reasons. Despite its size, it's lightweight. I love the choice of heat settings. It gives you options. It has 2 speeds (lo/high). I use the high on my mom's hair. As far as its ionic properties, it dries hair fast and even. It really straightens the hair out. My drying time with her has been cut in half. She doesn't get fly-aways. I use to have to HOLD the cool shot button on her last blow dryer. With the T3, I just press it and release. I love the volume button (again, press and release), because it truly gives her hair even more volume. As you can see, she already has a nice head of hair. If I had one complaint, I thought it would be a little more quieter. It kind of sounds like a wind tunnel. LOL I would go to ULTA to hear it for yourself. As far as performance, its really good. Ionic hair dryers are better for the health of the hair.

T3 | Singlepass Luxe Straightening & Styling Iron
The T3 Singlepass Luxe Straightening & Styling Iron is a 1" flat iron. You press and then depress the button to turn it on. It takes about a minute to heat up. It has FIVE heat settings (260°F – 410°F)! For my mom, I keep it on the fourth heat setting. The plates stop about midway the iron. This iron is long, but again very lightweight. Does it straighten hair in one pass? Yes. But I still go over a section of hair two to three times. One to straighten. Two to style. Three to curl under. Its also probably because I'm not a professional hair stylist LOL One thing is for certain, my mom's hair is straightened, looks healthy and has the most amazing shine & glow to her hair. Do you see her hair in those gifs? She's always getting compliments. I feel so proud. She goes to a professional to get her hair cut every 3-4 months. I don't cut! LOL But I do her relaxer and style her hair. Again, I see a difference using an ionic hair tool on her hair. T3 also offers a compact version of this iron and a wider Singlepass X. The shine factor gets me every time. NO PRODUCTS you guys! Just look at the pictures of her hair from the hair dryer to the flat iron! Its amazing. I'm really impressed with T3's hair tools. I highly recommend them.

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