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Monday, August 12, 2019

2019 Indoor Halloween Decor

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Not Sponsored: I've always loved Halloween. I've been in FULL Halloween mode, this past week. Halloween is so much FUN! This weekend I ordered some inside goodies to decorate my home. I always hang an outdoor wreath on my door. I thought this year, I would also purchase an indoor wreath. 1. I know just the right spot to hang this Happy Haunting Wreath. I love his top hat, black & orange ribbon and black feathers that adorn him. I just purchased a bar cart (in black) for my living room! You'll never realize how many there are while sifting through looking for one. I found one that meets my living room's aesthetic. 2. This Broomstick 3-Tier Server will look beautiful atop it. I'm going to load it up with cupcakes, cookies & candy. I have an antique bench in my living room. I had it refurbished and just bought a new bench pad for it. During the holidays, I am going to add one pillow atop the bench pad. 3. Loved this Haunted House Pillow With Lights. It should look really cool at night. I've always loved pumpkins. They're so beautiful to decorate the home with during Halloween & Thanksgiving. I use real ones outside my door. These Halloween themed ones will work well inside. 4. I loved this Large Dot Pumpkin 5. Set of Three Black Pedestal Stands and 6. Small Dot Pumpkin I already have a re-use idea for the pedestals for Christmas. Yes, they're black, but I saw a great idea. I love using an item more than once. Stores put out Halloween & Christmas decor earlier and earlier. I've decided not to fight, but embrace it. My INSIDE Halloween stuff will probably go up in September. My INSIDE Christmas decorations will probably go up in November. I need 2 months to sit and enjoy them, because for me 1 month is not enough anymore. I hope this gives you inspiration for the holidays. I'll be sharing more and making a Halloween video soon.

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