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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

How to Find the Right Scent

Perfume is an important thing. It makes us smell nice, it helps us to attract other people and make an excellent first impression, and it improves our confidence. We all feel better when we know we smell nice. Most of us like different scents for different occasions. The perfume that you wear for work or days out with friends might be delicate and easy. For nights out or romantic meals, you might opt for something muskier, that makes you feel sensual and sexy. Many people, once they find the scents that suit them, stick with them. They wear the same perfume for years and years, and wouldn’t dream of risking anything else. But, how did they find these scents in the first place? Here are some tips to help you find the perfume that suits you.

Do Your Research
Think about the smells that you already know you like or dislike. If you know that you love the smell of fresh flowers, that’s a great place to start. Equally, if you hate vanilla, you’ll want to avoid it in perfumes. Write a list of smells that you like, and look for fragrances that include them.

Test Them Out
First things first, you need to try them out. You’ll never find the right natural perfume without first trying them. You need to make sure that you like it, after all. Most perfumers offer card, or other tools, to allow you to smell the perfume outside of the bottle, without covering yourself in ever scent going. This is a significant first step, but remember, just because you like how something smells on a bit of paper, doesn’t mean that you’ll like it on yourself, or that it will suit you. So, once you’ve found one that you think that you like, try a little on your wrist to be sure.

Take Your Time
Once wearing a potential scent, don’t just sniff it and make your mind up. Give it a day, notice how the small changes when it mixes with your natural aromas. Walk around wearing it, how well does the scent last? You might find that some harsh smells give you a headache or make you feel sick if you wear them all day, and you won’t know until you try. In theory, you should barely be able to notice a scent that really suits you at all. You might just notice it when you move into a small room, or when you are in a breeze, quick bursts, not constant and overwhelming scent.

Ask for Feedback
If you don’t trust your nose, or you aren’t quite sure, ask a friend, or someone that works in the store to give you some honest feedback. If they don’t like it, or don’t think it suits you, ask why, and try to avoid these notes in your next choice.

Ask Around
If you’ve got a friend who you think smells fantastic, ask them what they are wearing. It might not smell the same as you, but if you are struggling to find your scent, it can give you a great head start.
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