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Friday, February 5, 2021

How to keep your work/life balance while working remotely

Perhaps you are a freelancer making the most of the gig economy or working from home during the current crisis; it can be hard to keep your home life and working life separate. As this can have serious effects on both general wellbeing and mental health, it is something you need to consider.

The need to walk away from the computer when you would normally leave the office is a sensible step, despite any internal pressure you may put on yourself or any external pressure from your workplace. It is much easier said than done, but once it’s achieved, the next thing is to find a way to relax.

It is important that there is a distinct dividing line between work and home life, so the whole thing does not become a continuous stream of things to do. With that in mind, here are a few things you could try to help you unwind after a hard day at the (home) office.

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#1 Play online games

The last thing you might want to do after spending all day on your computer is to back to it. However, a range of games can be played for free (if you don’t mind a few adverts) that won’t involve your laptop, the latest gaming console, wearing a headset, and storming the enemy camp.

The plan here is for a bit of low-key escapism using your phone or tablet (remember to turn off your notifications, though) and play one of the many games that don't necessarily involve blowing anything up (unless you want to, of course). There are plenty of games that put you in charge of farms, cafes, businesses, and even an entire island, all of which can help you de-stress and stop thinking about what you need to do tomorrow.

#2 Get help relaxing

Trying to put pressure on yourself to relax normally has the opposite effect, and stopping thinking about your day can be much easier said than done. Now that some of the myths about it have been dispelled, more and more people are finding the CBD oil can help them to relax.

Many of the myths are based around the belief that CBD is either illegal, will get you ‘high’, or both. None of these things is correct (as a visit to the Vape CBD World website will tell you) as it’s a different substance derived from the same plant called  THC that does this.

#3 Bake a cake

It has long been believed that baking can be very relaxing. Spending time creating something you love is very distressing, and quality checking the end results can be very enjoyable. Clearly, you will have to plan this in advance if you want anything fancy (most of us will have eggs, flour, butter, and sugar in the house), and don’t try anything too ambitious unless you’ve set yourself up for a challenge.

Also, if you have somebody to share the cake with (or social media accounts to post the results on), the positive feedback will also contribute to de-stressing.

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