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Friday, February 19, 2021

Start As You Mean To Go On By Getting Into That Vacation Headspace The Second You Clock Off

The days leading up to a big trip are always the best part. After all, who doesn’t love that last day at work when you can finally shut the computer and bid your colleagues fond farewell?. But, did you know that taking steps to relax directly after those farewells can have a huge impact on how easily you make the most of your trip once you touchdown?

Fail to do this, and you may waste your first luscious vacation day just trying to get into the right headspace. That’s a crying shame, and it’s something you can avoid by using the following tips to help you get vacation-ready as soon as you clock off.

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# 1 - Pack in advance

It’s tempting to leave packing until you’ve said goodbye to work and are ready to dedicate yourself to the cause, but let’s face it; packing can be stressful. Worse, it can take a whole lot longer than you expect, meaning that the entire evening before your trip could be dedicated to the cause. That’s never going to help you relax, but it’s something you can avoid altogether by packing in advance. Whether you do this on the weekend before or just pack a few bits after work in your pre-vacation week, having your bag ready to go means you can settle down with some sweet treats or a nice glass of wine that ensures you start as you mean to go on.

# 2 - Arrive at the airport in style

Many of us see our trip to the airport as a means to an end, meaning that we either cram into a mates car or, God forbid, book up on public transport and spend the whole time cramped in with our cases. The trouble here is that you’re guaranteed to be stressed by the time you arrive, and that’s really no way to approach your vacay. Instead, consider more chilled arrival methods. Why not splash some of your travel cash on an airport limo service, or simply pay the parking fees to enjoy the comfort of your own vehicle? In both instances, you’re guaranteed to arrive feeling fresh, calm, and ready to relax.

# 3 - Eat before you fly

Image Source: Pexels CC0 License

Okay, airport food might be extortionate, but settling down for a meal before your flight is an amazing way to get into that vacation high-life. After all, eating out somewhere new each night is part of the fun of going away, trying new cuisines, spending quality time with whoever you’re traveling with (or yourself, if you’re doing it solo.) And, anyway, airport waits can be long and tedious. Booking in at one of the restaurants on offer means enjoying yourself and passing the time so that you don’t feel restless or in any way short of patience when you finally fly.

Get this right, and you’ll be practically zen by the time you arrive at your hotel, ready to make full use of every blissful vacation moment on offer.

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