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Monday, February 8, 2021

Thinking Of Launching Your Own Clothing Brand?

These days it’s not hard to launch a new clothing brand. The Internet and outsourcing make it simple to delegate certain functions to other entities. And even if you don’t want to design the garments yourself, you can pay someone else to design them for you!

Creating a new clothing brand can be an exciting experiment in the world of fashion and entrepreneurialism. The thing is, how can you launch a new clothing brand and getting your brand name out there among established players on the market? 

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Here are some helpful hints and tips to get you started on your fashion empire:

Come Up With A Memorable Brand Name

Firstly, it makes sense to start with your brand name. You want to make sure that you choose a name that people will remember easily. The last thing you want to do is select a brand name that is hard to memorize, spell, or won’t be taken seriously by your audience.

Brand names are very individual choices. If you’re stuck for ideas or inspiration, you can help things by evaluating existing brand names in the market you’re trying to target. You can then use tools like a brand name generator to give you some inspiration.

Create A Cool Logo

A brand name is only part of your branding journey. That’s because you must also come up with a suitable logo for your new clothing brand. Here are some pointers to help you create the perfect logo:

  • Think of a creative design that matches your brand’s clothing style and audience;
  • Make sure you can resize it smaller or larger without any loss of detail or design;
  • Ensure it works with the chosen font for your brand name.

If graphic design isn’t your strong point, there are a few options open to you. You can hire a graphic designer that specializes in logo design. Or, you can use an online tool like Canva and design your logo from a template.

Think About Your Packaging And Labeling

When you sell clothing to people, you’ll need to ensure that it’s got your branding on it, among other details. You also need to ensure your clothing is presentable to customers; this means you must package items in branded bags or boxes.

The goods news is it’s easy to have swing tags, branded packaging, and labeling created for your clothing brand. Labels with fabric care instructions can get sewn onto your clothing at the time of manufacture, and you use the packaging whenever you sell any items.

You should seek professional advice about the care instructions for your fabric. Plus, it makes sense to check for clothing regulatory compliance; each country has specific instructions for this before you can sell any branded clothing.

Design Your Clothing

Preparation is crucial when you’re launching a clothing brand to the market, but so is the design of your garments! That’s why it makes sense to spend a lot of time researching your target audience and finding out what they’d like and what they’d avoid buying.

You don’t want to spend lots of time and money creating your clothing brand only to find out that few people want to buy your collections. With that in mind, how can you research the best types of designs for your potential new clothing brand?

Here are some ideas:

  • Come up with some designs and get feedback from your family and friends;
  • Conduct plenty of market research and find out what’s already on the market;
  • Create some prototypes and model them on yourself and willing volunteers.

Create An Online Presence

There’s no denying the Internet makes it easy for consumers to look at clothing brands and trends and make decisions about what they’d like to buy. Launching a new clothing brand is only part of the story; you need to tell people that it exists before they start buying from you!

A website is undoubtedly the first place you should start with your new clothing brand. It allows you to showcase what you offer and tells people more about your brand’s background - and why they should buy from you.

E-commerce solutions such as Shopify make it easy for new fashion startups like yourself to sell online. You can also use payment solutions like PayPal and Stripe to accept card payments from customers.

Finally, social media is where you should spend most of your time marketing your brand. Instagram is ideal for fashion brands, and social networks like Facebook and Twitter should also be a part of your brand marketing strategy.

Thanks for reading - and good luck!

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