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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Types Of Handmade Jewellery & The Techniques Used

Despite the amazing technology we currently possess, people will always prefer to wear jewellery that is made by human hand, as this skill results in a piece of jewellery that is truly unique.

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Prior to the start of the Industrial Revolution, we had no machines and therefore, all jewellery was made by hand and there have been some highly skilled jewellery makers during all periods of history.

Here are a few of the ways that jewellery can be made by hand.

  • Fabricated Jewellery - The custom jeweller designs the item and once the client approves the design, the expert would commence work and while he or she might use small machines to shape, cut and clean, the fabrication process is done by hand.
  • Wire Wrapped Jewellery - The metal of choice would typically be sterling silver shaped into thin wire that can be worked by the artist. This is the style of jewellery that you might find being sold on a beach, as many young travellers supplement their travels by making jewellery that they sell to tourists.
  • Beaded Jewellery - Liquid silver jewellery is a classic example of beaded jewellery, which uses thin tubes of silver that are strung onto a nylon line. This creates the illusion that the silver is in fact, a liquid and there are online suppliers of bead jewellery, with colourful creations using a wide range of semi-precious stones. This first became popular in the swinging sixties and continued to be in trend until the start of the 1980s. The full cycle has returned this stunning style of jewellery back to fashion, with Art Deco being very popular, some in the form of chunky silver cuff bracelets.
  • Stamped/ Engraved Jewellery - Many jewellers in past times would use small stamps to imprint an image onto metal, which might be gold or silver and if you would like to see some great examples, search online for an antique dealer that specialises in jewellery.
  • Enamelled Jewellery - This is another technique that produces stunning jewellery, with torch-firing being the technique used to create such jewellery. Victorian and Edwardian jewellery items were often made in this way, using a wide range of materials. If you would like to learn how to make jewellery, there are many free online resources to help you get started. Make sure you have the right tools and materials and you can experiment until you become competent and try a few different styles.

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 Handmade jewellery will always be in demand and if you would like to view stunning examples or are looking for suitable 18th birthday jewellery, search for an online jeweller that only offers handmade pieces. The list of styles is very long and some Internet browsing will help you locate handmade jewellery that you like and when you find the perfect piece, a secure online payment is all it takes to have the item sent by courier to your home address. The quality is impressive, no matter what style you prefer and there’s something about handmade jewellery that simply cannot be equalled.

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