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Friday, February 5, 2021

Starting A New Workout Plan With Confidence

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It’s fine to admit that starting an exercise regime can feel a little worrying from time to time. Getting in shape often first implies that we’re ‘out of shape,’ or that we are working out anew. Even a seasoned runner might feel a little nervous running for the first time, so you don’t even have to be an amateur to feel this way.

However, it’s also true that right now, more people than ever are trying to stay in shape and exercise appropriately. Months of lockdowns have left us all a little worse for wear, and perhaps a little heavier than we might have been this time last year. It’s fine to admit that, but it’s also worthwhile to understand that these nerves shouldn’t hold you back. In fact, exercise is often a portal to feeling your most confident, and not just because you’ll ‘look better,’ but because you’ll have taken some time to work on yourself, and that always belies positive self-talk.

With our simple three steps, even the most fearful or apprehensive person can find themselves getting to grips with their workout plan in the best sense. No matter if you’re trying to increase your flexibility or just trying to wake up in the right way each day - our advice can help you:

The Right Clothing

It’s very important to equip yourself appropriately for your exercises. When running using a plan like Couch 2 5k for instance, it’s important to wear supportive footwear that helps to bring support to your natural arches, that will grip the road appropriately, and that helps you achieve a natural cadence without hurting your feet. Your apparel also has quite the effect in this instance. To begin with, you’ll likely find that wearing high waist scrunch leggings gives you the support you need, even for squats. Light t shirts, a fitness tracker (as an added luxury) and correct layering for cold weather can also help you. This can prevent you from making excuses if the weather feels too cold,  as well as preventing you from burning out.

Go With A Friend

It’s a good idea to exercise with a friend if you can. Provided you stick to socially distanced measures at this time, you can run together, do calisthenics in the park, or even attend your gym piece by piece if that’s available to you. Going with a friend helps you stay dedicated, it stops you from feeling quite so alone, and in the long run enables you to feel grateful for your chance to meet with them and to follow a hard-won path together. That keeps you disciplined.

Follow A Worthwhile Plan

It’s very easy to turn up and to work out every couple of days, but if you don’t have a plan, it can be that your efforts are less effective than they could be. Following a path like the aforementioned Couch 25k or exercises that help you train specific groups (like legs or your back) can help you work out properly throughout the week, to compound your progress, and to see results. To find a plan, you need to find what kind of goals are worthwhile to you. With this kind of inquiry, you’ll be sure to pick the best of the bunch.

With this advice, we hope you can work out as appropriate without feeling fearful about getting started.

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