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Saturday, November 13, 2021

How To Vacation With Friends, And Stay Friends

Vacationing with friends can be a great experience that you’ll all remember forever, or it can be a challenge that means you’ll leave no longer on speaking terms. Avoid the bad sides of traveling with friends with these tips.

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Choose Your Companions Wisely

Don’t just choose your roommate, your friend from work, or that couple you and your boyfriend have been hanging out with. Consider a few things to help you decide if this person will be the right travel companion for you.

  • Do you know them well?
  • Have they traveled as much as you? Experienced travelers can find themselves mentoring new travelers, which can be a strain.
  • Do you like being with this person in a variety of situations?
  • Do you have similar tastes and interests?
  • How similar are your body clocks? If one of you is a night owl, and the other is an early bird, rethink.
  • Do you both like the same level of activity? If one of you wants to do thrilling things like a New and Gauley River Adventure and the other would rather lounge by the hotel pool, you might find yourself arguing.
  • Do your dietary preferences fit together? A hardcore vegan won’t enjoy the same eateries as a serious carnivore.
  • Is one of you a planner and the other more spontaneous?

Secure Commitments

When you’re ready to book, make sure everyone is committed to the trip. Some bookings cannot be changed without a fee, and others not at all. If someone cancels, you might be stuck having to pay out more for the drop-outs share of the costs.

Consider Everyone’s Wants

Agree on the basics, like where you will go and how long you will stay there. Agree on what you’ll do during the trip. It can be a good idea to get everyone to write down what they want so you can set some expectations. For example, you might agree on three days in London, but if one of you wants to spend those three days exploring parks and museums, and the other wants to have a shopping spree in the classic department stores, you need to know in advance. Make sure everyone is on the same page and set a rough schedule before you leave that takes into account a little of what everyone wants. You could also book a trip with a set itinerary. An escorted tour or cruise takes out some of the decisions about how to spend your vacation.

Agree On Budgets

In an ideal world, everyone on the trip would have the same budget and preferences. If someone wants to stay in five-star hotels, while someone else wants to travel on a budget, you need to discuss this during planning as it can be a deal-breaker. Make sure you’re on the same page about what you’re willing to spend on transport, activities, and dining. If someone wants to eat on the cheap and the other is desperate to try some high-end dining, you could easily end up having a row. A trip fund can work well. Everyone adds an equal share to the pot for shared costs like transport and lodging.

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