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Monday, November 29, 2021

Why Do Women Get Breast Augmentation?

Have you been considering breast augmentation surgery?

Each year, around 200,000 women undergo breast augmentation in the United States. It’s one of the top five most popular plastic surgeries in the country. 

So, why do women do it?

The answer to this question is: … there isn’t just one answer.

Sorry to disappoint my audience.

The truth is, breast augmentation is a surgery that can do a number of things to benefit women. As such, women of all ages, body types, and backgrounds are interested in it.

If you’ve been on the fence about whether to undergo breast augmentation surgery yourself, below are some of the ways you may benefit from this procedure. After doing a deep dive into why women choose breast augmentation more than nearly any other, I found that there are # main reasons most women are drawn toward it.

Why Women Get Breast Augmentation Surgery

Reason #1 – To combat aging

It’s not easy being a woman — especially when it comes to getting older. With each passing year, it seems like something else starts to droop, sag, or lose volume. It can even feel like you might as well give up at times. After all, why sacrifice more time, energy, and money to “fix ourselves up” when it’s only a matter of time before we need even more work done.

While it’s easy to have this mentality, I don’t actually think it’s beneficial.

You see, women can be beautiful at any age. Moreover, feeling beautiful is not as much about having a pleasing outer appearance as it is about having inner confidence.

The good news is that both of these things can be accomplished at once with breast augmentation. Older women who want to reclaim a feature of their youth and boost their self-confidence can benefit greatly from this procedure. It takes care of small, deflated, and sagging breasts (sometimes with help from a breast lift), and it also gives women that boost of pride and self-assuredness that is so helpful to our psyches, especially as we get older.

Reason #2 – To complete a total body transformation

According to top NYC plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman, a large number of women who make appointments for breast augmentation consultations are seeking full body transformations. Most often, they’ve lost a considerable amount of weight recently and are looking for a way to enhance their appearance further.

These women have put in a lot of hard work to get where they are today. Dr. Schulman works frequently with both women and men who have dieted and exercised for months and years to drop 50, 100, 150, or even 200 or more lbs. This is no small accomplishment.

These individuals want to top off their efforts with procedures that will help enhance their appearance even more. That’s why many end up seeking out full-body makeovers that include liposuction for stubborn fat, tummy tucks to get rid of excess skin on the abdomen, and procedures like breast augmentation.

Women who have lost a lot of weight commonly have excess skin on their breasts, and they may have lost weight in their breasts too, which can give them a “deflated appearance.” Breast augmentation (sometimes combined with a breast lift) will restore volume and size to the breasts, resulting in an overall more pleasing appearance that women can be proud of.

Reason #3 – To improve a feature they’ve always wanted to improve

As it turns out, many adult women have been unhappy with their breasts since puberty. For these women, undergoing breast augmentation is not about aging or dealing with sagging breasts after having children. Instead, it’s about fulfilling their lifelong dream of having full, curvaceous breasts.

These women have felt self-conscious about the size or shape of their breasts since a young age. Perhaps they’ve been used to wearing a small A cup their whole lives. Many have padded their breasts and used uncomfortable push-up bras for years. They’re ready to be done with these painful and itchy undergarments. They want voluminous breasts that always look good — whether wearing a dress, laying out in a bikini, or being completely nude.

Reason #4 – To give moms their pre-baby bodies back

Along the same lines as women who have recently accomplished significant weight loss, many moms are looking to use breast augmentation for restoring their pre-baby bodies. The procedure is often done as a part of a “mommy makeover.”

Mommy makeovers are plastic surgeries that actually include several procedures all rolled into one. As the name implies, they are primarily for mothers who are done having children. Although women can get a mommy makeover and still have additional children afterward, it’s best to undergo this procedure after you’re done having children simply because your results may be lost or diminished with a new pregnancy. Additionally, some women may have a hard time breastfeeding after breast augmentation or a breast lift (though not all).

Most often, a mommy makeover includes liposuction, a tummy tuck, and some sort of breast augmentation and/or breast lift. Mothers may choose to get implants because of lost volume and size in their breasts (often due to breastfeeding), or if they just want a small size increase, they may opt for breast augmentation via fat transfer. During this procedure, fat is taken via liposuction from somewhere else on the body (like the abdomen) and transferred to the breasts to increase volume and size there.

Making the Decision to Get Breast Augmentation

In the end, breast augmentation should never be carried out for anyone else’s reasons but your own. Perhaps you’ve recently lost a considerable amount of weight or had your last child. The boost of confidence a breast augmentation can give you may actually spur you to take even better care of yourself than you already have been. Certainly, for moms, it can be a life-changing procedure that can even help with postpartum depression.

For others, it’s not uncommon to want breast augmentation surgery in order to combat signs of aging or to alter small breasts that you’ve been unhappy with since your late teens.

No matter your reason, just make sure it’s yours. In the end, if you go with your instincts and have optimistic — but also realistic — expectations, you’ll end up making the best possible decision for you.


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