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Monday, November 22, 2021

Hungry for Success? The Best Food Related Businesses To Run in 2021

If you are an entrepreneur hungry for success, then there is no better opportunity to sink your time and money into than a food business. However, choosing which type of food business to run can be confusing. After all, there are so many choices such as sit-down restaurants, cafes, and fine dining. The good news is you will find a rundown of many of the most on-trend and relevant businesses for 2021 in the post below.

Bakery or Dessert Window

First of all, if you are looking to make money from a food-related business right now, you should consider running a bakery or dessert window. A window is a small business that serves from a single hatch, often in high footfall areas. However, because the premises are so small, it's often a lot cheaper than those surrounding it.

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Of course, windows serving all types of food can be found, but desserts are a particularly good idea because people will always go for a sweet treat, even if they have had a full meal elsewhere. Also, desserts can be made to look very photogenic which is great for getting coverage on Instagram. Plus sugar! Everyone loves to have a sugary treat now and then!

Meal Box Kits

They are not only faster and easier to make at dinner time, but meal kits offer a range of other benefits including being carbon neutral, being able to choose in line with specific dietary requirements like low calorie, vegan, or dairy-free. However, their major selling point is that they take all the mental work out of planning evening meals for the family, as well as greatly reduce the time that is needed to go shopping for them. As these are tasks that can take a great deal of effort and time, many people are switching to meal boxes to make their day-to-day life easier.

Of course, this means there are significant opportunities for entrepreneurs that are interested in creating meal kits to send out to their customers. With niche markets in particular such as all organic food, all-vegan food, or all low-calorie food being excellent opportunities for a business.

Although, it is worth considering the challenges of doing so before you begin. In particular, access to sophisticated and fast logistics is vital to run such a service successfully. This is because fresh ingredients need to be kept cool, and uncrushed, while also being quickly transported from the provider to your hub, being repackaged and then sent out to your customers.

Shakes And Juices

While they are technically drinks and not food, running a shake or juice business can be very profitable right now as well. Smoothies, in particular, are big business especially when customers can add in extras like wheatgrass, spirulina, or kale.


While not quite as glamorous as some of the other options here, it's worth noting that there is still a massive market to be tapped when it comes to good old takeout and delivery food! Indeed, because of the huge social changes that have come about due to the pandemic, more people are ordering more food to be delivered to their homes than ever before. Of course, that is great news for anyone considering opening a business that meets this market. Although working out what type of food to offer can be a challenge. After all, there are so many to choose from.

Happily, some factors can help you make the right decisions here. First of all, it is best to pick food you love and are passionate about because you will be the one making it day in and day out to send to customers. With that in mind, if your family is from Thailand and you grew up learning how to cook authentic Thai dishes, which you love to this day, it might be better to open a delivery service offering this type of food rather than burgers and fries.

However, passion is not the only consideration when it comes to choosing your delivery food business. Overheads are another important factor to be aware of as the lower they are, the more opportunity you have for making profits.

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Last, of all, be sure to never underestimate the power of an already established brand. Of course, what we are talking about here is buying into a franchise. Indeed, there are many benefits to choosing a franchise delivery business including that food is usually simple and quick to make like pizza or fries and burgers. Not to mention that the franchiser has already created a market for their food through marketing and brand awareness, Something that means your business can hit the ground running, rather than spending valuable time establishing itself.

Food Truck

Food trucks are super on-trend right now because they offer good food at a reasonable price and also appeal to the younger, hipster market because of the van’s retro designs and the produced instagrammable aesthetics.

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Indeed, if you are planning on opening a food truck, one of the most critical marketing strategies to get right is to ensure your vehicle and the food you create is picture-perfect. Use retro fonts for your branding, add wax papers to serve your food in emblazoned with your brand, and be sure to display hashtags that people can follow and add to get the word, and more importantly images of your food out there!

Another great benefit of a food truck is that it can provide you with access to plenty of customers, without needing to pay through the nose for permanent premises. In fact, with a food truck, you can attend festivals, fayres, or even move it from place to place in the city to make sure you can access the best footfall and maximize your profits.

Although, it is worth highlighting that pitch costs as such festivals can be expensive, and you will always have to park in line with your cities zoning laws, which would prohibit a food truck in places like public parks. Therefore it's best to check this beforehand.

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