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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Why You Should Be Drinking Water Every Day

Water is the essential nutrient your body needs. It makes up about 60% of your total weight, and without it, you can't survive for more than a few days. Considering that water isn't something we can live without, it's easy to understand why this post is so important! In this blog post, we will talk about how much water you should drink in a day and why drinking enough water every day will keep you healthy and energized.

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How much water should you drink every day?

The first thing you should know is that the amount of water your body needs varies from person to person. Generally, women need about nine cups (64 ounces), and men need 12 cups (80 ounces), but this number can change depending on what you are doing throughout the day. If it's hot outside or exercising, for example, you will need more water than usual!

Now let's talk numbers - how much exactly do these eight glasses look like? To give an idea, a cup equals approximately 237 milliliters or 16 fluid ounces, so 500 ml or half a liter would be two standard drinks.

The benefits of drinking enough water

#1 Satiates your appetite

Even though you may think that drinking water has no effect on your appetite, this is not true. Studies have shown that when people drank 500 ml of water before a meal, they ate less than those who didn't drink anything. That's because if we don't feel thirsty and usually just want to quench our thirst with food, the chances are high that the next time we get hungry, it will be for something sweet or unhealthy!

Water can help you control what kind of foods you're craving at any given moment - making sure two glasses in between meals helps keep you from overeating. This is also extremely helpful if you’re trying to lose weight, and will do wonders alongside your Coolsculpting treatment. Even though water doesn't contain any calories, its satiating qualities make you eat fewer overall while keeping energy levels stable throughout the day.

#2 It keeps your skin healthy and glowing

Our skin contains a lot of water - about 50%! So drinking enough water throughout the day will allow your body to maintain its hydration levels and keep your skin plump, smooth, and healthy. Having enough water in your system also means having more fiber because it hydrates you, which makes food easier to digest. This helps move things along through our digestive systems without causing complications like hemorrhoids, for example! Not only does this help us feel better, but it can prevent diseases like colon cancer.

#3 Detoxifies your body

Water helps cleanse your body from toxins and waste, resulting in a healthier you. For example, your kidneys have to work less when there's enough water flowing through the system since they don't have to filter out as much impurity - that means more efficient filtering of urine. In addition to this, water increases blood flow by up to 30%, which is great for almost every organ in our bodies!

Doing exercise also requires us to drink plenty of fluids because it can make you sweat excessively, but remember: not all drinks are created equal! If exercising or sweating a lot, then try having coconut water instead of sports drinks or soda. It contains potassium and other electrolytes that will replenish what has been lost during perspiration.

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