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Thursday, June 1, 2023

A Complete Guide To Wearing The Best Cashmere Wraps All Year Round

Dressing up elegantly has been quite a norm for most women. But many people have little to no idea how much labor, time, and energy is spent to make one piece of clothing.

This article will demystify what has been one of the most elegant pieces of clothing for hundreds of years. It’s the cashmere wrap. You can get really high quality cashmere jumpers for ladies here.

As their name suggests, cashmere wraps are made of cashmere, a type of wool harvested from cashmere or Kashmir goats that thrive in Asian countries like China and Mongolia. This fabric’s name is already luxurious and grand by itself. On top of that, it possesses a gentle caress, warmth, and the ability to turn even the simplest clothing into a sophisticated one.

Cashmere wraps aren’t meant for winter alone and can be worn any time of the year, despite being known for keeping you warm. So, if you want a perfect shawl that makes you look more stylish, consider getting yourself one.

This post will guide you on how to wear the best cashmere wraps all year round. For supplementary information, you can visit sites like

Italy In Cashmere

The quality of cashmere wrap found at Italy In Cashmere is second to none, an exceptional combination of authentic Mongolian cashmere wool that's handmade by craftsmen in Italy. They use 2ply thick cashmere, which ensures the garment feels weighty and cosy, which is perfect for avoiding the cold chill of the winter air. Their range of colours is also vast, helping you find a cashmere wrap that fits in with your personal style.

If this is your first time buying a cashmere wrap, you’re probably wondering how to determine whether a wrap is high-quality. Since it’s an investment, it’s important to understand how to select a scarf that may last for years without losing its softness and shape.

If you’re looking for a shop that offers some of the best cashmere wraps in the market, you may visit Italy In Cashmere or other shops near you.

Grey Cashmere Wrap from

Here are other tips when buying a high-quality cashmere wrap:

  • Check The Price

When it comes to cashmere wraps, price is often an indicator of quality. High-end brands will likely charge more for their products and services than low-cost retailers. This is because of their high overhead costs and use of expensive materials.

However, don’t rely on the price alone when evaluating the quality of a cashmere wrap. The best thing to do is to look for a reliable retailer whose pricing justifies the quality of their products.

  • Check The Quality And Blends

Cashmere has three grades: Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C.

Grade A cashmere can be as low as 14 microns per strand (note: the human hair is 75 microns), while Grade C is about 30 microns. On the other hand, Grade B cashmere is between 20-30 microns.

So, what does this grading system mean? The thinner the fabric, the finer the shawl, and the higher the quality of the final product.

Note that different regions have varying procedures. Many manufacturers blend cashmere with other fabrics. For example, cashmere paired with silk creates stronger and less delicate fabric.

  • Check The Label

You can check the quality of a cashmere wrap by determining its fiber content, which is included in the product label or on the shop’s website.

A high-quality cashmere shawl typically has more than 90% pure cashmere. In addition, if you buy a shawl from eCommerce shops like eBay or Amazon, check the tags from renowned brands that provide details about the quality and manufacturing process.

  • Consider Softness And Shape

Softness and shape are the two characteristics that make cashmere unique. So, when you buy a cashmere scarf that can stand the test of time, consider these two qualities.

High-quality cashmere wraps are exquisitely soft. They should be breathable, lightweight, and a good value for your money.

  • Look For Chyangra Pashmina

If you’re looking for a fancier and more expensive cashmere product, choose one made from wool harvested from Himalayan Chyangra goats.

Chyangra Pashmina is a trademark protected by over 40 countries, including Canada, the European Union, Japan, the USA, and Australia. Its fiber shouldn’t exceed 17 microns and has a purity of at least 97% Pashmina.

Ideas On How To Wear The Best Cashmere Wraps

Don’t know how to wear cashmere wraps elegantly and comfortably? Look no further! Here are some fashion tips and outfit ideas for wearing cashmere shawls all year round. Check out which of the following suits you best.

  • The Underneath-The-Belt Style

This style is ideal for those attending a dinner party at someone else’s cool loft.

Following the central notch of your nape, wrap the shawl over your shoulders and allow the panels to hang on your sides. Then, wear a belt over your shawl on your waist to achieve a belted sweater look.

If you want to avoid looking bulky, opt for a form-fitting dress. A simple black belt is also a good choice, but a more fashionable design is much better.

  • The Night At The Opera

As the name implies, this style is an evening cover-up and is ideal for people attending an opera or someone’s winter wedding.

Following the central notch of your mid-back, wrap the shawl loosely across your upper arms. This is ideal for events where you want to cover most of your skin but still prefer to show your beautifully elegant dress. Pair your cashmere wrap with a gorgeous dress or gown, killer heels, and stunning cocktail jewelry.

  • The Blanket For The Body

Have a flight coming this week? This style is ideal for those having a transatlantic red-eye flight and always seen cuddling underneath the airline blanket.

So, how should you wear your cashmere wraps? Like a blanket, indeed! There’s no better way to travel the world than being covered in cashmere.

What should you pair with it? How about leggings with enough stretchability so you can curl and twist into sleep-inducing positions? That would be great!

  • The Weekend Gal

The weekend soldier is perfect when meeting friends for a Sunday breakfast and lunch. It’s also a great choice if you can’t be bothered to match a natural outfit.

From the notch at the back of your neck, let the left panel of your shawl hang on your right shoulder and do the same thing on the right panel. This creates a chic, crisscross effect that prevents your shawl from touching your food.

What should you pair with it? You can wear it with your favorite tee, but make sure it has no design. Jeans and flats may also work.

  • The Caped Hero

Do you want to play a hero or a villain? Either way, this style certainly fits!

So, how should you wear your shawl? Of course, like a superhero’s cape! Look for the empty stretch of your cashmere and let your inner Usain Bolt take over.

What’s the best pair? Anything! Nobody will even care; they’ll be just left in awe.

  • The Secret Wrap

Have you accidentally worn the same shirt two or three days in a row? In case the same scenario happens, grab your cashmere and use it to cover your hidden secret.

Here’s how you can do it: pull one end of your cashmere wrap across your chest and hang it on the opposite shoulder. Your shawl will look like it’s hooked in front diagonally. Then, pull the other end across the first layer and let it hang on your other shoulder. This will give you two diagonal parallel lines, creating an elongated panel that covers the outfit you’ve already worn twice now.

What should you pair with it? The answer is simple: your outfit yesterday

  • Le Parisienne

Have you dreamed of visiting the City of Love and becoming a French, even for just a day? If you have, this style is perfect for you! Le Parisienne is ideal for those zipping through the River Seine on a scooter.

How should you style your cashmere? First, fold it lengthwise twice. Then, wrap it around your neck like a typical winter scarf, and voila!

What should you pair with it? If you’re wearing a white cashmere wrap, red lipstick and a black, velvety dress would be a good combination.

  • The Desk Setup Alternative

Don’t know what to wear at work? Look no further! This chic cashmere draping style is all you need! This style is ideal for those getting blasted by AC in the office. It allows them to focus more on their work without feeling extremely cold.

How should you style your cashmere wrap? It’s simple! All you need to do is drape it over your shoulders. With this, you’ll be able to write, type, and drink coffee without any problem while shielding yourself from Antarctic blasts.

  • In-Between Seasons

As mentioned earlier, cashmere wraps can be worn all year round, regardless of season. Whether it’s a trouser and sweater combo or a jumper and tights mashup, a twisted shawl can work many wonders.

Here’s how to do it: place one end of your cashmere over one shoulder and twist the other end over the other shoulder. Then, let it hang in your front or back, just as you’d like it.

  • The Stylish Traveler

Wearing a bulky jacket or coat can sometimes kill a style and outfit. A cashmere wrap not just provides a stylish, lightweight layer of warmth. It’s also easy to roll and store in a duffel bag when you don’t need it.

If you don’t want your cashmere to fall off your shoulders, tie it in your front and twist it over your head to create a poncho shape. This leaves your hands free to ride any mode of transportation as you travel.

  • Shopping With Friends

Choosing what to wear when shopping with the girls is never easy, especially when the streets are cold. Why don’t you drop the coat and jacket and wrap yourself in a shawl draped stylishly over your shoulders? This way, it’s easier to unwrap if things get too warm and won’t get in your way, unlike your favorite jacket and coat. Plus, you can even pop it over your head in case rain suddenly appears out of nowhere!  Moreover, it’s best with a plain cardigan on top with a simple dress underneath.

Don’t worry about your shawl when the rain comes. Cashmere is a natural fiber and won’t be damaged by rain.

  • The Home And Garden Outfit

Who said you couldn’t be as stylish as you want when staying home or tendering your garden? That’s not true!

Some cashmere wraps are large enough for a king-size bed. You can use them to keep your toes warm and wrap your shoulders while reading your favorite book late at night.

You can have around two to three wraps over your arms, which you can use to snuggle up in front of your home theater system on most evenings. Also, your dog will love stretching out on your cozy cashmere throw.

You can cover yourself up with your lovely cashmere while staying out at night in your garden, too.

  • After-Exercise Style

Keeping your muscles warm after a strenuous workout is crucial for growth and recovery. At the end of your Pilates or yoga class, use your cashmere wrap as a blanket while doing the last pose during meditation. You can also use it to cover your shoulders while walking home after the session!

  • The Busy Bee

If you don’t have time to choose whatever style of wearing a shawl fits you, keep it simple. Throw both panels and wrap them over your shoulders, making sure the ends are in your front. This leaves your arms free and covers what you’re wearing on your most hectic day.

Final Words

Cashmere wraps are a great way to keep yourself warm and comfortable during cold months. But that doesn't mean you can't use them all year round. Of course, you can!

Cashmere wraps are silky and soft, making them a perfect companion for all kinds of outfits, whether working or having a Sunday brunch with friends. This complete guide may help you find the style you've been looking for!

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