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Sunday, June 11, 2023

Community Coffee Strawberries & Chocolate Coffee Review

Not Sponsored: I was at the store and couldn't resist purchasing a box of Community Coffee's Strawberries & Chocolate Coffee. Just look at the packaging! Isn't it pretty!?! Chocolate dipped strawberries? Yes, Please! HaHaHa The cute packaging alone, was enough to make me want to buy. I love both chocolate and strawberries, so I thought this would be an interesting combination of coffee to try. This coffee has no artificial flavors, is considered a medium roast and is made of 100% Arabica coffee beans. This coffee smells so good. You can pick up on the flavorful scents as it is brewing. If you like dark chocolate (bitter and bold) and strawberries, drink it freshly brewed with no sugar. If you prefer a sweeter chocolate & fruity taste, add 2-3 sugars to your coffee. The less water (oz) you add, the bolder the cup of coffee. I purchased the single serve kcups, but this flavor also comes in grounds.

Community Coffee is locally owned and made right here in Louisiana (Baton Rouge, La). Even though this post is not sponsored, I've featured them many times on A Very Sweet Blog (see my other reviews here). They make excellent coffee and are coming out with more and more different blends. For Summer, they have recently come out with some tempting latte flavors. Again, the packaging has tempted me. They're so cute! I'm definitely going to look for them and try them. When I do, I will definitely do a review on them and let you know.


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  1. I love the packaging as well, Kim! How can you go wrong with strawberry and chocolate? I can only imagine how good this must smell!
    Thank you as always for the love and support on my blog, Kim! You really are the best! You're one of my original readers, and I've enjoyed reading your posts as well throughout the years:) I can't believe we're still doing it, eh? LOLZ....we're one of the OGs now:D


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