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Saturday, June 10, 2023

AMC Movie Theatre Popcorn Review: Lightly Salted, Classic Butter And Extra Butter

Not Sponsored: I love going to the movies (specifically to AMC Theatres and lately to see the following movies --> here and here and here)! When I'm at the movies, I always get a huge tub of popcorn (with lots of buttah ... lol). I can't ever think of a time, I didn't buy a tub of popcorn. Well, when I found out AMC Theatres was coming out with their own store bought popcorn, I made my way to Walmart to buy a bag (or two or three). I'm a popcorn girl!

AMC Movie Theatre Popcorn comes in LIGHTLY SALTED, CLASSIC BUTTER and EXTRA BUTTER assortments. I grabbed all three to review for you. Plus, I was curious myself. When I picked the bags from the shelf, they felt a little weird. I looked at the bags and they were sort of vacuum sealed. I said, well that's a good thing. I love the design of the bag. It has AMC Theatre in bold print at the top, a BIG OL' TUB of delicious looking popcorn in the middle and at the bottom, clearly shows what flavor is inside. So they did a great job with the bag! Now the popcorn!

Let me describe each flavor to you:

Lightly Salted: I began with the Lightly Salted flavor. FYI: For all of them, you should pour the popcorn in a microwaveable bowl and then heat the popcorn on high for 20-30 seconds. I heated mine a bit more, but everyone's microwave is different. I started eating it and was disappointed. It tasted like almost stale, heated popcorn. I'm just being honest. It was edible, but not enjoyable as I expected. Would I buy it again? No.

Classic Butter: The next bag I tried was Classic Butter. I heated it up and started to eat it. It was better than the Lightly Salted. It was good, but I still wasn't overwhelmed, jumping for joy and such (as I was hoping to do). It had a very light butter taste. Would I buy it again? No.

Extra Butter: So, today I said let me try this last bag because I'm ready to write this review and get it over. HaHaHa I poured some popcorn in a bowl, heated it up and began to eat. OOH! WEE! OOH! JACKPOT! BINGO! NOW THIS WAS THE ONE! MUNCH AND CRUNCH! I love the Extra Butter!!! It is so good! It had a really good taste to it. Is it like the popcorn in the movie theatre. No, but it comes very close. So, if you have to get any of these, pick the Extra Butter bag.  I would buy this again! Yes!!!

What else? What else? You can eat this popcorn out the bag, but I wouldn't recommend it. It's much better heated. MUCH! So, that doesn't help you, if you're on a road trip and want some popcorn. That's a negative. No sugar, but the sodium goes from 170 - 340 mg. So be mindful of the quantity of popcorn you eat. I'm a popcorn girl! I love snacking on it and many others do, so I wanted to share my thoughts with you on this new brand.


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