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Friday, June 30, 2023

How To Throw A Tropical Themed Garden Party

There is nothing quite like a garden party to get everyone together and have a great time. If you are looking to throw one this summer why not have a tropical theme? This can be a lot of fun to organise and set up and will also make for some beautiful photos! If you are looking to throw a tropical-themed garden party, we have put together some top ideas that are sure to help it go down a success.

 Photo by Pineapple Supply Co. from Pexels

Think about the decor

The first thing you need to consider is the decor for your party. To fit with the tropical theme use plenty of colourful decorations such as leias and tropical flowers. You could look into palm tree rentals if you want to really make for a fitting ambience. Hang lanterns in the trees and look into other props such as blow-up flamingos, sea shells and more. You could stick to this decor just in your garden or have it throughout the house too.

Set a dress code

Once you’ve got your decor sorted, you need to make sure your guests match it too! Encourage people to come dressed in their best tropical attire such as grass skirts, Hawaiian shirts and sundresses. You can have a box of props for people to wear and could give out flower crowns, sunglasses, straw hats and leias for people to add to their ensemble to round it all off.

Sort out themed snacks and drinks

Snacks and drinks are vital for any party so make sure you tie these into your theme. There are a host of tropical themed food ideas, from tropical pizza and fresh fruit skewers, to a BBQ. Be sure to also put together some tropical cocktails such as pina coladas, mojitos and daiquiris as well as a fruit punch or other non-alcoholic options for those that don't drink. You could get tropical themed napkins, cups and plates and be sure to invest in a tropical tablecloth to protect your table and also get in on the theme.

Organise some games and activities

As well as the decor and look of your party, you want to have something to do that fits the theme. You could set up a photo booth with tropical props, organise a competition in limb or hula-hooping or even consider setting up a DIY cocktail station. You could have a prize for the best cocktail that is invented or the most genius name! These are all good ice breakers too, particularly if guests don’t know each other well.

These are just a few top tips when it comes to throwing a tropical themed garden party that are sure to make it a success. When you have your party remember to plan as far in advance as you can and don’t worry too much if it doesn’t all go to plan on the day. What are some of your top tips for throwing a tropical themed party? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!

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