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Friday, November 10, 2023

4 Engagement Ring Trends To Follow For Festive Proposals

Are you planning to pop the question this Christmas? Follow these engagement ring trends, and your festive proposal is guaranteed to take your partner’s breath away.

 Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Art Deco Styles

Turn back the clock and encapsulate the lavish lifestyle of the ‘Roaring Twenties’ with Art Deco styles.

These vintage designs exude elegance with an artistic flair, characterised by geometric shapes and mixed gemstones. A singular stone design can also echo old-world allure, such as an emerald cut engagement ring: the key is to choose gemstones with elongated cuts.

This trend was originally revived in the 1950s when Jackie Kennedy selected a toi et moi engagement ring with a diamond and emerald surrounded by smaller decorative diamonds. Marilyn Monroe also opted for vintage glamour with rectangular baguette-cut diamonds arranged all around the band.

Current celebrities rocking the Art Deco engagement ring trend include Paris Hilton, Ariana Grande, and Kylie Jenner.

Mixed Metal

For a more contemporary look, go for mixed metal engagement rings. These are visually striking in a unique way because the band is an equal focus to the gemstone (if there is one).

Silver and gold makes a statement, either woven together like a thread or set against each other in parallel blocks. This combination works perfectly for those with a neutral skin tone as both metals will look good on the wearer.

A more subtle blend that is crafted to stand the test of time is rose gold and platinum. Platinum is highly durable and resistant to wear but with an enduring attractive shine.

Colourful Stones

Diamonds are a popular choice for engagement rings, but colourful stones are making a comeback. Of course, diamonds themselves can be colourful, and available in sensational shades of yellow and pink.

Sapphires and emeralds are coveted colourful gemstones for engagement rings. They don’t have the dazzle of a diamond but are impactful in a different way: consider Princess Diana’s 12-carat Ceylon sapphire and diamond ring that now sits on the finger of Kate Middleton.

The rich red of rubies and garnets can be romantic as well, and look especially fiery against warm yellow gold. These are an ideal choice for partners who prefer unique jewellery, particularly if they have a warm skin tone.

Feeling spoiled for choice? Look at a birthstone chart and choose the gem that corresponds with your partner’s birthday or a special relationship anniversary that you share together.

Going Bold

If there’s one thing that’s not trending this year, it’s minimalism. Currently, less is definitely not more! You should not fear going bold, whether that’s with a unique design, colour, or the ring’s sheer size.

One style that is rapidly rising in popularity is dark metal engagement rings created out of zirconium or titanium. These make a statement on their own, or can be adorned with a central row of diamonds for maximum impact.

Looking for luxury? There’s a reason that big stand-alone diamonds have led engagement ring trends for this year. A beautiful round brilliant cut on a stone with superior carat and clarity has exceptional sparkle and will be endlessly eye-catching throughout your life together.

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