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Monday, November 20, 2023

5 Ways To Style Jumpers This Winter

The humble jumper is an amazingly versatile and practical garment. When it’s a little bit chilly outdoors, it’s a perfect way to stay cosy. If you’re out and about, it will stand up to the cold, and look stylish in the process.

There are some different ways to build your look around a sweater. Let’s consider a few of the more compelling ones.

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Dress down for evenings

You might think of evening wear as demanding something a little more refined. But, pairing your favourite winter jumper with the perfect skirt and thicker, winter-friendly tights, you could be a winner. Add in some knee-high boots, which again will contrast with the homely look to produce something more recognisably feminine.

Go for a chunky knit

When you’re dealing with jumpers, you want to think about how prominent the jumper-ish qualities are. If the knit is obvious even from a distance, then everyone will be able to recognise that it’s a jumper – but this will come at the expense of form.

The coarser the knit, the more amorphous your upper body will look. On the other hand, if you have something fine-knit, then it may be figure-hugging to the extent that we don’t think of it as a jumper at all.

It’s largely for this reason that big woolly jumpers tend to match nicely with tights and leggings. This will provide a little bit of balance, which can be adjusted depending on how long or short your legs are.

Pair with a trench

What you wear on top of, or underneath, your sweater can make a big difference. It might be practical during colder months to throw on a jacket or blazer. On the other hand, you might wear a button-up shirt underneath your jumper. Textural contrasts work nicely here. Mix glossy leather with a homelier-looking jumper. Experiment with several different combinations, until you settle on the one that matches your look and personality.

For best results, take a look at a trench coat. This is something that will provide good results throughout the season.

Matching tones

You might seek to coordinate. Having your top and bottom halves match completely can create a cohesive look in a matter of moments. But it’ll also provide you with the versatility to add layers.

Adding comfort to your suit

If you’re looking for workwear, then you can still bring in a woolly jumper. It will tend to work nicely with the right suit, offering a mix of corporate and casual aesthetics. Winter work outfits are easy to pull off when they’re built around a good, solid jumper.

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