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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Top Spots To Take Children For Edinburgh Foster Carers

When you care for children in a great city like Edinburgh, there are amazing days out right on your doorstep. The advantages of this are that you are never short of a great enrichment activity, and there is no risk at all of the dreaded boredom setting in. Here is a selection of the top spots for all Edinburgh carers to explore.

Photo by Danne from Pexels

Edinburgh Zoo

Children of all ages love to go to the zoo. There are fun things to do for younger kids and enough cute and interesting animals around for the older teens as well. Fortunately, for anyone fostering in Edinburgh, there is a fantastic zoo in the city. It is easy to get there whether you are going by public transport or driving, and plenty to do once you arrive. Carers can often get discounts on entry costs as well, which will make the whole day more accessible money wise.

Edinburgh Castle

Whether you want to give a lesson in history to help their schooling, or just have a fun trip for a curious mind, the castle is the space to go. It is easy enough to fill a whole day here, and the sights are incredible. There are often demonstrations to participate in and events going on inside the castle setting that make it a unique and incredible experience.

Something Spooky

If you are looking for something spooky (but still educational), there are tours all around Edinburgh with children and their families in mind. Take a stroll around some of the more macabre settings around this area and find out what makes the city so rich with history and intrigue. Foster carers can enjoy this bonding time with their children and maybe even learn a few things for themselves.

Outdoor Time

It is always important to encourage outdoor time in nature for all young people, and as a foster carer, this will be one of your biggest priorities. Thankfully, Edinburgh does not disappoint. Step into Holyrood Park or do something more physical by exploring Arthur’s Seat instead. You will never be short of somewhere new to explore, and the benefits for the children you look after are too good to ignore.

Places to Eat

Foster carers are taught about the potential roadblocks around mealtimes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go out and enjoy a meal in a restaurant. While there may be a bit more planning to factor in, leaving the house and having this kind of experience is great for any child’s development. You could go grab a pizza at one of the many Italian spots around the area or try some cuisine from a completely different culture at a Tapas spot instead. There are so many benefits in trying new things and this could cement a tradition in your household that your children come to love.

So, there you have it. There are endless things to do for Edinburgh carers, and definitely something to suit every mood, whim, and age group. It is one of the best places in the country to be a foster carer with enrichment on every corner.

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