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Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Brilliant Board Games To Play With People This Holiday Season

Photo by Karthik Balakrishnan on Unsplash

Are you truly celebrating the Holidays without playing board games?!

It’s a classic thing to do as friends or family gather together to enjoy the festivities. You like unplugging, switching off the telly, and enjoying a classic game or two. Things always get intense, but you end up laughing and having so much fun. Most of you already have things like Monopoly or Clue stored away somewhere, so here are three different board games to try this year:


A classic RPG board game that’s recently been re-released and has taken the world by storm. HeroQuest is super immersive and provides entertainment for hours. The best thing here is that all players can take different roles and make their own characters. You can come up with funky fantasy elf names, create a backstory for a powerful wizard, put on a voice for the fiendish dwarf, and so on. Games like these are excellent when you’ve got around 5 people ready to play and they offer a new experience that you may never have had before. Or, if you grew up with this game in the 80s, it has the nostalgia factor thrown in!

The Sock Game

Honestly, this is one of the weirdest board games we’ve seen, yet also one of the most fun to play with friends. The sock game involves a board with a spinner that indicates an item you need to find. All the items on the board are placed into two socks and each player races to get the chosen item first. It is as simple and hectic as it sounds, meaning anyone can play this. It’s playable for 2-10 people, so it’s perfect for family gatherings this Holiday Season. We also think it’s one of those games that’s ideal for bringing with you to places. It fits in your bag and there are hardly any elements, so it can be brought out at pubs or coffee shops when you’re taking a break from Christmas shopping.


This board game truly lives up to its name. In Tension, players are split into teams and you have to roll a dice to make your way around the board to the finish line. Each space on the board is a specific color, indicating what question your team will be asked. One is harder than the other, but all questions follow the same structure. You’re asked to name 10 things relating to the question - it could be as simple as things you drink, or as difficult as types of clouds. But here’s the twist; you have to predict how many things you can name each time before answering. Meet your prediction and you move ahead that number of spaces. Fail, and you stay where you are. It’s a very enjoyable game that leads to lots of shouting and tense moments, so it’s clearly perfect for families.

We’re sure you’ve got the classic board games ready to whip out at a moment’s notice, but it’s always nice to have some new ones up your sleeve too. Try something different this year with any of the three games above.

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