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Thursday, November 2, 2023

Beloved Lesbian Characters in Movies and TV Shows

We are past the era when lesbian relationships weren’t portrayed in movies. Today, we are seeing more of these romantic affairs and loving the characters in them. Presently, almost every major TV show or movie depicts a gay or lesbian relationship. It has become a new norm among movie lovers, and lesbian characters are gaining as much attention as any other.

Actors playing these characters have also found themselves seen as progressive, hence likable in the eyes of the audience. Honestly speaking, there is a massive number of audiences that want to watch a movie with a lesbian relationship. 

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Key Lesbian Characters in Contemporary Movies

Many movies feature lesbian characters, and they are still doing exceptionally well in viewership. While watching these movies will not get girls who love other girls out of the closet instantly, it could make it easier for them to meet like-minded people on a lesbian hookup site. Here are some of the best presentations of lesbian relationships in modern movies.

1. Eve and Villanelle from Killing Eve

The TV series is the story of a British intelligence agent, Eve Polastri, whose task is to capture a psychopathic assassin, Villanelle. However, as the hunt continues, the two characters become obsessed with each other, and hookup eventually turns into romance. The relationship brings the entire series to life in a compelling manner.

2. Emily Dickinson from Dickinson

Dickinson TV series is a comedy-drama premised on Emily Dickinson’s era relationships with family, friends, and society. The theme revolves around gender roles, artistic expression, and sexual identity. In the movie, Emily falls in love with her brother’s future wife, Sue, also her best friend. The two continue their affair in secret, depicting an intense and unending love.

3. Anne from Gentleman Jack

Gentleman Jack is a true story based on the 1832 story of Anne Lister, a closeted lesbian in love with Ann Walker. Although the relationship between the two starts in secrecy and seems intense, Anne Lister discovers that Ann Walker is not passionately in love with her, leading to a breakup. After the end of the relationship, Lister dons in black clothes to mourn the love she has lost.

4. Tala from I Can’t Think Straight

Tala is a character in a 2008 British romantic drama who falls in love with another woman named Leyla just when she is preparing to wed Hani. At first, their love is secret, but pressure mounted on Leyla to get married to a man, and self-doubt about her sexual orientation forces her out of the closet. Luckily, Leyla and Tala have supportive friends who help them rediscover their love again.

5. Therese from Carol

Carol is a 2015 romantic drama movie based on 1952 wannabe photographer Therese Belivet. Therese meets Carol, a married but glamorous woman, at a shop. Although they keep in contact and engage, their love starts when Therese’s boyfriend wants her to go with him to France, but she declines. On the other hand, Carol goes through a brutal divorce, and as the two seek solace, they fall into each other’s hands, commencing their lesbian relationship.

6. Violet and Corky from Bound

Corky is an ex-con and a lesbian who now doubles as a plumber and painter. When she gets a job to renovate an apartment, she falls in love with Violet, who seeks to dump Caesar, her mafia boyfriend. When Caesar leaves the house, Corky seduces Violet, but their romantic moment is interrupted when Caesar comes back. Later, Violet follows Corky to her truck, and they engage in sex when they get to Corky’s apartment, marking the start of their long-term affair.

Why there is a Growing Demand for Lesbian Characters in Movies

Recently, lesbian and gay characters have taken up more space in films than was the case decades ago. Several reasons could have orchestrated this increased representation of LGBTQ characters. Here are some reasons lesbian characters may have risen in movies and TV series.

1. LGBTQ-related movies are increasingly showing rising social support for the members of this community.

2. The characterization creates awareness and acceptance of LGBTQ people in society.

3. Movie directors want to depict the existence of diversity within our society.

4. There is an increased need to showcase the challenges LGBTQ people face just because of their sexual orientation.

5. Increased push by activists and organizations such as the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) to have more LGBTQ characters featured.


The increase in depicting lesbian characters is a good thing and a step in the right direction. Many people are turning out to be lovers of these characters due to the awareness they create and support for LGBTQ people.

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