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Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Body Shop Limited Edition Vanilla Pumpkin Collection Review

Where's the pumpkin? Ok, let me not jump the gun <snicker>. It's been awhile since I've purchased anything from The Body Shop (ginger sparkle collection in 2013 & tea tree facial wash in 2014). Their Pinita Colada Collection was really popular this Summer. I went to ULTA Beauty and it smells divine. I just may get it since its on sale. Yes, I know it's winter! But it was their Vanilla Pumpkin Collection, that peaked my interest for the holidays. Unfortunately I didn't smell this while I was at ULTA. I ordered it online. It's not bad at all, but it's not what I expected. It's more VANILLA (and a soft vanilla scent at that) with a smidgen of pumpkin. It's definitely lacking on pumpkin. All that aside, let me tell you the winner of this group! The body butter. It's creamy. It's not heavy, oily or greasy. It sinks into the skin. When I first purchased their body butters (YEARS AGO), I didn't like how heavy they were. But they're much better now. The shower gel vanilla pumpkin scent is nearly non-existent. You're washing your body with it, but I barely picked up a scent. The hand cream is ok initially, but then the scent fades away. The strongest scent out of all is the body butter! All of these feel really good to the skin, but don't get your pumpkin hopes up if you're looking for a distinct pumpkin scent. VANILLA! Keep that in mind! LOL Don't buy this $25 set at ULTA! Save your coins and get the body butter ON SALE for $12 (40% off) if you really want it. Another thing that irks me is the Christmas tree, holly and red bow atop each pumpkin. Leave the pumpkin alone! I don't want to use this for Christmas. >.<

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff) 
  The Body Shop Limited Edition Vanilla Pumpkin Collection is Bittersweet

Vanilla Pumpkin Body Butter

Vanilla Pumpkin Shower Gel

Vanilla Pumpkin Hand Cream



Linda Libra Loca said...

I have a Spiced Vanilla weakness when it comes to seasonal TBS products, so I might smell this in store. Unpopular opinion, I know, but I am not too keen on pumpkin scent.

Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

Yiotou_La said...

Vanilla is one of my favourite scents for body products and in general. I am currently burning a vanilla scented candle, I just love this sweet scent.


Amy Evans said...

I had the same thoughts when I smelled it in store, a bit too sickly sweet with the vanilla and not enough pumpkin for my liking! X

Laura - Alagoz said...

So sad it smells more vanilla then pumpkin :( I was hoping it will smell like pumpkin spice latte :) That would be yummy x


Cee said...

The post combines two things I'm not crazy about - pumpkin scents and The Body Shop products. I did have the chance to try their body butters again recently and found the formulas much improved, but otherwise I'm not a big fan of their collections or their scents, so the results of this review don't surprise me, unfortunately :(

Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty said...

Interesting that the scent is barely there. I do enjoy vanilla scents when it comes to lotions. The Christmas decoration on the pumpkin is bothersome. lol

Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

I'm actually doing something with the Body Shop and this collection so it was great to get your take on it Kim. It's a shame the pumpkin scent was lacking but I don't think I would mind since I prefer the smell of vanilla to pumpkin anyway. The formulation of the body butter sounds wonderful.

Shira said...

I love a good vanilla scent so I have a feeling I'd love these!


Shireen L. Platt said...

Thank you for the honest review, Kim, have always and will always love you for it. I have always been a fab of TBS body butters but I will skip the others.

Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

Tanya Dufour said...

Bummer its not a strong pumpkin scent. Their body butters seem to be the stand out product.

Candice Petersen said...

I've been seeing this collection all over my Instagram feed! Sucks that it doesn't have a more prominent pumpkin scent! I know my PiƱita Colada Body body smells just like pineapples.
Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

Ashley Sue said...

I'd be sad at the lack of pumpkin scent! I'm glad the body butter was good though, Kim! And yes, that Christmas stuff on rhecoackaing needs to go!!

Emmy said...

"Leave the pumpkin alone"...hahaha....you slay me, Kim:D The body butter does sound heavenly but why vanilla and not pumpkin scent?!?!?
ANyhoo, happy Friday!

little luxury list said...

It's too bad the scent is so light, but at least their body butters are better now!

Gabrielle said...

Ooh I'd not heard of this range before, I love the packaging! I'm not surprised the body butter won your vote, The Body Shop's body butters are always the beeeest! Pity the scent wasn't very 'pumpkin-y', though isn't that too often the case? I've lost count of the amount of (Christmas themed) cinnamon-scented body scrubs/lotions I've bought over the years only to find there's literally NO whiff of cinnamon, haha! Anyway, thanks for the introduction to the range - will probably pick up the body butter if it's available over my way! :)

Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

Miss Val's Creations said...

Awww! Pumpkin vanilla sound like it would smell delicious. That is a disappointment.

Mica T said...

Oh this not being strong on pumpkin actually sounds like it's perfect for me, as I'm more of a vanilla girl anyway! I love the body shop body butters too, I better go add this to my Christmas wishlist, ha! :) While their washes are nice I agree the body butters the best product scent-wise!

Hope you're having a lovely weekend! We got outside to enjoy the sun a little today which was nice, after a tough day yesterday with an unwell toddler!

Away From The Blue Blog

Diva Desle said...

It seems like the body shop got their holidays all mixed up! The packaging is really pretty even with the Christmas decoration, LOL. Such a pity that they made it smell like vanilla though. The Pumpkin scent would have been so inviting.

jo said...

Me too, I rarely go to The Body Shop, but I do love their body butter. Mango is my fav!

xo Jo


Lorena said...

Oh a dominant vanilla scent is perfect for me !

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