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Monday, July 13, 2020

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds, Healthy Relationship!

Keeping a healthy and fresh relationship with your other half can be difficult. We have busy lives, and jobs and there's no time to relax and have some quality time together. Although perhaps there is. The health of your relationship is important for your own happiness and the longevity of your relationship. Keeping an active relationship can be extremely stimulating for the body and mind. If you already work in sports and fitness then perhaps you want to do something different but if it is your passion and you have studied for years then maybe you can use it to your advantage. After completing a physical therapy degree, you are capable of healing on many levels and this includes being able to connect to people on a deeper level too; because you appreciate all the physical problems that come from stress. It allows you to have empathy and so if you want to adapt this career in your personal life then you can certainly do so.

Get walking together! You could look at local trails and public footpaths, this is a lovely way to explore nature locally and can be extremely romantic. In summer, add a few bits of food and drink and you've already got yourself a picnic! So dreamy!

Next, look at doing some kind of sport together. If you're gym members then why not go together and if you're always busy then this is a great time to catch up on a little bit of chit chat before you go to work. If the gym isn't for you then there is always something a little different such as indoor rock climbing which is a great team building exercise and bonding exercise, so this is perhaps one for those in a newer relationship. Canoeing, sailing, swimming and badminton are all other forms of sport that release endorphins and make you feel confident and energized. You can always have a good laugh doing these activities and there's always good memories to be made from it. You never know, perhaps you'll find something you really enjoy doing and then you're well on the way to adopting a long term healthy lifestyle as well as a more comfortable relationship.

Of course eating out and good food is a priority so keep that fresh too and try new places to eat around town, so you're not limiting yourself. Variety is the spice of life and if you're stuck in a slump then your relationship can easily become stale and mundane. Try new places and just see what you find. It doesn't have to be far, try local; you may be surprised!  Give yourself time to relax too because running around and getting caught up in manic life can be unhealthy and you may end up feeling more sluggish. Plan ahead, instead of date night at the cinema, make your date night an evening at a yoga class together or an early evening cycle, ready for a nice long cozy bath upon your return. There's never any need to feel sluggish in your relationship again!
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