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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Important Things To Do After Every Workout

You might be tempted to flop on the sofa after your workout has completed. Feeling tired and sore, you might assume the best thing to do is rest in front of the TV while you recover, and perhaps have a short nap too!

Alternatively, you might feel energized after your workout, so you might push yourself into more physical activity, be that your household chores, a second workout, or something else besides.

We understand both scenarios, but if your workout has been strenuous, there are other things you need to focus on after exercising.

#1: Go into cool down mode
If you have been pushing yourself for a while, go into cool down mode before you stop exercising completely. If you have been running, break into a light jog. If you have been on the treadmill, activate its cooldown setting before you step off it. And if you have been for a strenuous swim, play around in the water a little before you get out of the pool. You need to do these things after every arduous workout, because the more work you have put in, the hotter your body temperature will be. When you take part in cooldown activities, your body will cool down, and you won't feel the consequences of a sudden stop in activity, such as dizziness and lightheadedness.

#2: Stretch
Stretching decreases soreness, accelerates the recovery process, and relaxes the tensions that exist in your body after the workout. So, include post-workout stretches in your schedule along with your cooldown activity, as you will feel the benefits of the extra exercise.

#3: Drink water
You lose water when you workout, so replenishing your body's water supply is essential. Water will also help to increase muscle flexibility and decrease the soreness in your muscles, so be sure to carry a water bottle with you, or drink a couple of cups of water when you return home.

#4: Change your clothes
This is something you will probably do by instinct, as you will be very sweaty after your workout. However, you might be tempted to wear your workout clothes longer than you should, especially if you don't have time to go home to change your outfit. However, change your clothes you must, because wet and sweaty clothing can trap moisture, and this can promote the growth of bacteria that could lead to a skin infection and acne breakouts. So, find somewhere to change soon after your workout, as you will feel better for it if you do.

#5: Care for your body
You will be feeling sore after your workout, so do what you can to ease the pain and accelerate recovery. We have already covered how to do this in our post on treating muscle pain, so have a read. Ice baths, healthy eating, and even the use of marijuana can all have a positive impact, so heed the advice we have given you in the linked article. And with regards marijuana, know that we aren't talking about smoking it. Specialist stores such as Harvest sell a variety of products that can be used for medical and post-workout recovery purposes, and there are discounts if you use the Harvest Rewards Club. Consider the benefits alongside those other things you do to care for your body after working out.

So, make time for each of these things after your workout, as they are as essential as the exercises that you focus on in your efforts to remain fit and healthy.
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