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Monday, July 27, 2020

MAC x Selena Quintanilla La Reina Collection

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Not Sponsored: I remember pre-ordering the MAC x Selena La Reina (The Queen) Collection in April of this year. I ordered this collection, because I enjoyed using the products from the MAC x Selena Quintanilla 2016 Collection. I'm also a huge fan of the late Selena Quintanilla. When I ordered this collection, it was the beginning of Covid-19 in the United States. I was worried about a friend of mine that was out of the country and also my family. Makeup was the last thing on my mind. This collection just sat in my makeup room. With having to wear masks (N95, surgical masks etc), I've worn very little makeup lately. Just occasionally. Well, I've finally taken this collection out again. I tried everything on and would like to share my thoughts with you.

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  MAC x Selena La Reina Collection is Sweet

La Leyenda Extra Dimension Skinfish (Highlighter)
This highlighter is a beautiful soft gold. I applied it to the bridge of my nose, under my brow bone, cheeks and cupids bow. It's a beautiful gold that will compliment almost any makeup look. I love what MAC did with the packaging. On the front is artwork showing Selena's famous bustier. There's also a picture of Selena wearing the bustier. Usually we throw those clear plastic covers away, so that idea was ingenious. When you open it up, it reveals a beautiful rose and mirror. So I loved this. 

Selena Vive (Lives)
Selena Vive is a pink cremesheen lipstick. It applies really well to the lips. It offers full coverage. 
This color can be worn year round. Plus, I feel its complimentary to so many skin tones.

La Reina (The Queen)
(purchase here)
La Reina is a brown amplified creme lipstick. It reminds me of a mocha or cappuccino color.
I just think coffee. It's very creamy. Again, applied well and laid well on the lips.
I see this more as a Fall color. 

Inolvidable (Unforgettable, Never to be forgotten)
Inolvidable is a pink frost lipstick. The formula for this lipstick is an absolute stunner.
It has so much dimension. It's a peachy pink in my estimation.
It does have sparkles, but its very adult.

Queen of Cumbia (Cumbia is a genre of music popular through Latin America)
(purchase here)
Selena was known for and LOVED red lipstick. I'm a red lipstick lover myself.
And I must say, not all red lipstick is the same.
I have many in my collection and I don't have one like this.
It is a gorgeous red. Queen of Cumbia is a matte lipstick.

Hey Dad Pizza!
(purchase here)
Selena loved pizza! Hey Dad Pizza! is a light bronze lip glass.
It gives the lips some sparkle and shine. It can be worn alone or atop a lipstick.
I am going to try it atop La Reina.

It's a beautiful collection. I'm glad I purchased it. I look forward to wearing it in the future. 

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