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Friday, July 31, 2020

Summer Sensations: 4 Ways To Relax

The summer sun and heat are back with a vengeance. We’re being blessed with some brilliant weather, worthy of sunbathing on the beach until sundown. Yet, we’re in a world that doesn’t allow us to enjoy these things anymore. Lockdown is still in effect at some level and that has made relaxing in the summer all the more challenging. But it's not the end of the world, there are some excellent ways you can relax in the heat.

Sunrise jogging
The sun rises about 5 am in the dead of summer, perhaps even earlier. If you go to sleep early and wake up to witness the sunrise, you’ll have the world to yourself. Use this time to go for a walk or go jogging. Enjoy watching the sunrise as you become fitter and healthier. It's incredibly therapeutic, to be by yourself, connecting with the earth, listening to your breath and knowing that you’re helping yourself to live longer. Don’t miss the opportunity to sweat in the sun, lose weight, get ready for your bikini beach visit and get a front-row seat to watch the glory of the summer sun rising through the trees and clouds.

Inside out
Health is not just about being able to run or lift weights. It is also about giving your body what it needs and what it may need, is good flushing of all its chemicals, toxins and horrible stuff that lingers in the muscles and blood. 5that’s exactly what this IV therapy service is designed to do. You just need to select what kind of IV drip you want. They have cold and flu-resistant drips, pure hydration, nutritional and drips for workouts. Then if you pass the medical, a nurse will come and help you attach the IV. sit back, thumb around on your phone and you will feel your body become lighter, more alert and all those nasty chemicals flushing out of your body.

Zoom picnic in the garden
You may not be allowed to go and visit family, but you can still have a Zoom picnic! Plan a meal with your friends and family over a Zoom call. You can say hello to your nieces, nephews and grandparents. Cook some meals together, such as pasta salad, quiche, barbecue chicken and some fajita wraps to name a few comfort foods. Go outside in the garden, set your phone or webcam up and eat together. It's a great time to catch up with each other, enjoy the sun, be outside in your garden (which you may hardly use), and see how everyone is holding up. Soon, you shall meet and eat together again!

Homemade milkshake
Is there anything better than a summer milkshake? Of course not! There are many classic recipes you can make with just a few ingredients. Here’s a simple vanilla milkshake recipe. Sprinkle some chocolate shavings over the top and add some whipped cream to be extra naughty!

The summer is not something we should take for granted, so virus or no virus, we should all enjoy it as best we can.
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