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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

RED Chocolate | Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate w/Hazelnut and Macadamia, Classic Dark Chocolate and Dark Chocolate w/Orange and Almond Review

Sponsored: I always read about a company before accepting a product from them. So when RED Chocolate's PR contacted me and asked if I would like to try their chocolate, I immediately clicked on their website. I saw ALL of these statements: NO ADDED PROCESSED SUGAR! REDUCED FAT (30-40% Less Fat)! RED DARK CHOCOLATE has 50% LESS CALORIES! RED DARK CHOCOLATE IS 100% KETO FRIENDLY! RED MILK CHOCOLATE has 30% LESS CALORIES! NON-GMO! NO HORMONES! NO ANTIBODIES! RED DARK CHOCOLATE IS WEIGHT WATCHER'S FRIENDLY! I immediately said to myself ... WOW! That's amazing! But how does it taste? That's what matters to me! They sent me four varieties they offer. Two of their milk chocolate selections (milk chocolate and milk chocolate with hazelnut & macadamia) and two of their dark chocolate selections (classic dark chocolate and dark chocolate with orange & almond). I love milk chocolate, so I started with those. Each bar can be split into four pieces. I found the milk chocolate to be delicious. It had a slightly harder texture than your regular milk chocolate candy bars you would find at a store. Also this chocolate was not as sweet (as store bought milk chocolate), but that's because RED Chocolate doesn't add any sugar to their chocolate. So you're tasting the natural chocolate. To me, the chocolate bars were filling. One to two squares really filled me up and satisfied my chocolate fix. With other chocolate candy bars, I'm gobbling up the entire bar, handful of bite size chocolate or a couple of fun size. I found these to be really sophisticated and better for you. The milk chocolate with hazelnut & macadamia were also delicious. The nuts were not big chunks. They were finely ground and mixed in with the chocolate. It tasted really good. I don't like dark chocolate! I'm just telling you up front. I've tried different brands and I'm just not a fan of it (from anyone). I did try the classic dark chocolate RED Chocolate sent. It has the classic (even more so in my opinion) bitter chocolate taste that dark chocolate is known for. So if you love dark chocolate, you should definitely try one of their dark chocolate selections. RED Chocolate offers a number of milk chocolate and dark chocolate varieties. They are a Swiss-owned Chocolette Confectionary. This chocolate is much better for your overall health. It would be a great gift for loved ones or diabetics. Give them a try!

Milk Chocolate

Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut and Macadamia

Classic Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate with Orange and Almond
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