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Friday, July 15, 2022

3 Ways To Make People Notice Your Home Business

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The convenience of running a home business cannot be beaten. What’s better than getting to run a company from the comfort of your home? You save lots of money on office costs, you can still look after your kids (if you have any), and you never have to deal with stressful commutes.

Nevertheless, there is an advantage to running a business from an office or a different location: you get more eyes on your company. People can walk passed an office, see your logo, and learn that your business exists. At home, people just walk passed a house…

Fear not, for there are ways to make people notice your home business! Here are three very effective ideas:


Placing some signage outside your home can alert people to your business. In fact, this can sometimes get more eyes on it than if you worked in an office - depending on how busy your street is. There are plenty of business signage options you can choose from to place outside your home.

A static signpost that’s nailed into your front garden could be a good idea. Or, you could get a custom flag or banner type sign that stands tall and can be seen from far and wide. Putting a sign on the road by your house is also a smart idea so people can view it while they’re walking up or down, rather than needing to actually pass your house and look at your front garden.

Social Media

If you don’t want to put signs outside your house for privacy reasons, that’s totally understandable. Don’t worry, you still have two other ways of making people notice your home business.

Firstly, get on social media and start spreading the word. Create accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These are the big three social media platforms with lots of users to engage with. Ask friends and family to like your pages and share them around. Pretty soon, word spreads about your business and more people know it exists. You also give people another way of finding out about you on their own!

Google My Business

Google My Business is a platform set up by Google specifically for business owners. In essence, you can create a business page that shows on Google when people search for your business. More than that, it gives you a chance to appear in local searches. If people look for businesses like yours, they will see your home business appear on the map!

Again, this is a brilliant way to get new people to find your company. It’s all well and good using word of mouth, but sometimes you need brand new customers to help you grow.

See, making people notice your home business isn’t as hard as you think. Realistically, this nullifies one of the only advantages of running a business from a different location. You’re still able to advertise your company and make people aware of it from the comfort of your home. Pick whichever methods you like the most - or use all three for a better effect.

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