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Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Naturopathica Marshmallow & Probiotic Sensitivity Soothing Cream Cleanser Review

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Not Sponsored: I'm doing a skincare review series on skincare brand Naturopathica. I was intrigued by how the brand incorporated chocolate, marshmallow and cherries into their skincare products. I'm a foodie at heart. Also, their holistic approach to skincare really impressed me. So far, I've reviewed some of their chocolate products, such as their Chill Chocolate Vine Stress Mask and Chill Chocolate Vine Restorative Eye Balm. I found both to be really good. 

Today, I would like to review Naturopathica's Marshmallow & Probiotic Sensitivity Soothing Cream Cleanser. This cleanser is part of a limited edition special set from Naturopathica (Marshmallow Bliss Set). It's now only sold at Neiman Marcus, but what's great about Naturopathica is that pretty much all of their products are offered in mini (travel, trial sizes) for you to try. When you open the jar to this cleanser, it looks absolutely delightful. It looks like a pot of whipped marshmallow creme, without the stickiness. This cleanser is also very creamy. I'm getting ahead of myself with the aesthetics of this face cleanser, but it's just that delightful. Let me go back to the basics of this cleanser. The ingredients in this cleanser consist of marshmallow (used in poultices for centuries to relieve skin irritation and redness, the root of this delicate flower is known for its soothing and emollient properties), probiotic lysate (this probiotic has been fragmented to absorb more easily and support the skin’s microbiome, which reduces reactivity to environmental stressors), and microalgae (sourced from the Mediterranean, these encapsulated microalgae calm and nourish the skin). Naturopathica also states this cleanser is formulated for sensitive skin, that it removes impurities, helps combat redness and is perfect for all skin types (especially those prone to sensitivity and irritation). Well, I suffer from dry, sensitive and reactive skin. So I was interested in seeing how this would work for me (most cleansers don't) and compare it to my holy grail cleanser REN Gentle Cleansing Milk Cleanser. I had some problems with this cleanser. The instructions state to apply this cleanser to dry or damp skin. I tried it on dry skin, but it felt like a paste. It did much better when my face was damp. But that wasn't really the issue for me. After using this cleanser, I developed redness atop my cheeks, nose and area inbetween my eyebrows (see picture below). That was a clear sign I was experiencing a reaction to the product. So, I waited several days and tried it again. The same thing happened, so I stopped using it. I will say, it was just redness. It didn't hurt, peel etc. but with continued use it might lead to those things. I believe in fair reviews. There are MANY people with both sensitive and dry skin that LOVE this cleanser. They sing its praises in Naturopathica's Review Section for the product. So I can only tell you about my experience. I was going to give it a NOT SWEET rating, but because their are so many great reviews on their website, I went with BITTERSWEET. If you have DRY, SENSITIVE, REACTIVE OR COMBINATION SKIN, I would suggest you purchase the smallest size and test it out for yourself before committing to the full size. If you have NORMAL or OILY SKIN, you should have no problems using this cleanser. It cleans really well (removes dirt, oil and makeup). So, those are my thoughts you guys. Tomorrow, I will share my opinion on the Marshmallow & Ceramide Sensitivity Soothing Serum.

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supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff) 
  Naturopathica Marshmallow & Probiotic Sensitivity Soothing Cream Cleanser is  
Bittersweet (dry/sensitive/combination skin types)
Naturopathica Marshmallow & Probiotic Sensitivity Soothing Cream Cleanser is  
Sweet (normal/oily skin types)


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