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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

7 Signs Your HVAC Is Broken

Image by Lucio Alfonsi from Pixabay

HVAC systems can develop faults without us realizing. Such faults could be expensive or even dangerous in some cases if not fixed. Below are just a few signs that your HVAC could be broken.

It keeps turning on/off by itself

If your HVAC keeps turning on and off repeatedly by itself, it could be due to dirty or failing parts. Dirty condenser coils and clogged filters are two common causes - they can lead to overheating, which can then cause your system to short cycle. A HVAC repair company will be able to clean these parts and get your HVAC working again.

It’s making strange noises

Some HVAC systems are noisier than others. However, you should be wary of any unusual noises like rattling, hissing or buzzing. Such noises are a telltale sign that something is wrong - there could be a loose part or even a dangerous refrigerant leak. Either way, you want to get it checked out.

Only hot air comes out

Hot air coming out your vents is fine if you’ve got the heating cranked up in the middle of winter. However, when you’re trying to cool your home during a heatwave, air shouldn’t be coming out hot. This could be an A/C compressor problem that will need to be fixed by a technician. If you’ve noticed that your A/C doesn’t seem to be having much impact on the room temperature, try running your hand over vents to see if the air coming out is cool or warm.

Moisture is leaking out

Water leaks can be due to all kinds of problems from clogged condensate drain lines to frozen evaporator coils. In some cases, refrigerant could be leaking out, which could be toxic. You should get a leak checked out immediately so that it doesn’t cause any further damage.

It’s producing an unpleasant smell

A smelly HVAC system is never a good sign. It could be a sign that ducts need cleaning or that there are build-ups of bacteria in the system. In either case, it’s likely to result in dirty air being pumped around your home, which could make you sick, so it’s worth getting the issue checked out. A simple clean-up may be all that’s needed.

Not enough air coming out the vents

You should also pay attention to the air flow. If there’s no longer as much air coming out of your vents, it could be a sign that your HVAC system has a problem. Once HVAC systems get old many parts like fans, coil and even the thermostat can stop working properly leading to a weak air flow. Alternatively, a blockage somewhere from a build-up of dust or grime. It’s worth getting a professional to take a look to diagnose the problem.

Your electric bills have suddenly spiked

Right now everyone’s energy bills are going up due to increasing energy costs, however you should be wary of massive spikes in energy costs as a result of unexplained energy consumption increases. A worn part or a leak could be causing your HVAC unit to work overtime to compensate, resulting in greater energy usage. This is something that will need to be fixed to prevent you paying huge amounts in future bills.

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