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Friday, July 22, 2022

How To Make Your Work Office Feel Like A Friendlier Place

When you spend most of your working day in an office, it’s essential to find ways to make it a more enjoyable environment. After all, if you don’t enjoy working in that space, you won’t be able to last long there. Working in an office can often lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness from time to time, so it’s good to know how you can make it feel friendlier and less like a prison. There are many things you can do to bring the office closer together as a team by creating an atmosphere that feels less like work and more like home.

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Organize games and activities

It may sound silly, but one of the best ways to make your office feel more like a home is by organizing games and activities. It could be something silly like a pin the tail on the donkey game or a more in-depth card game, but these activities are great ways to bring your team together. Another great activity to consider for your office is working on jigsaw puzzles. These puzzles are not only entertaining, but they also offer a range of cognitive benefits and help combat stress. Jigsaw puzzles can be a lot of fun to do with coworkers, whether you choose a tiny piece to work on alone or a bigger one for the whole team to work on together. Take a look at jigsaw puzzles for adults for hours of entertainment and a fun way to bond with coworkers. It could also be a good idea to see if there are any sports or activities happening in your area that your company could get involved in as a team. Many organizations offer classes and events that their employees can participate in together to create a feeling of camaraderie. These events are great for bringing your team together and making office life more enjoyable. 

Decorate your workspace

This is another one of those things that sounds a little silly but can really make a difference in how you feel about your workspace. You don’t have to go overboard and make it super colorful and kitschy, but a few decorations here and there can really make your workspace feel like a home. You could add photos of your friends and family, a few plants, a small cactus, or framed artwork. You could also have a decorative coffee mug or two on your desk, which is an easy way to add a little bit of yourself to the office space. Decorating your desk is a great way to make your workspace feel more like your home and less like a corporate office.

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Bring in plants and flowers 

As we’ve already mentioned, plants are a great way to bring life into your workspace. You could have one or two small plants on your desk or even a larger potted plant in the office room. If you have the budget for it, you could also bring in a floral arrangement once a month for the whole office. These flowers will not only brighten up the space but will also help to clean and purify the air in the office. This will help to reduce feelings of isolation and boost productivity.

Add scents

There are many different scents that can be used to create an atmosphere and make your office feel more like home. For example, lavender has been shown to reduce feelings of stress, which can be beneficial for your work life. Flowers and plants can also be used to create scents, but there are also many available scents that can be used in the office. You can even buy scented candles that would bring the same benefits and create the same atmosphere. Research shows scents can have a huge impact on productivity, mood, and the environment of a workspace. Smells like peppermint have been shown to improve alertness, while scents like vanilla can be used to reduce anxiety and create a calming effect.

Hold office events

This is another good way to bring the office together as a team. You could host a luncheon or a special dinner one day a week or every few weeks. This allows your team members to socialize and get to know each other outside their usual work environment. There are many different events you could hold, from themed dinners to game nights. Some offices even host movie nights, where a few employees at a time bring in their own couch and TV for the rest of the team to watch the movie together. You could even give all of the employees a little token that shows that they are part of one big team, such as a challenge coin which can help create a sense of camaraderie and belonging. You can buy these from Challenge Coins Ltd and even customize them for your specific workplace.

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