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Thursday, July 28, 2022

4 Surprising Habits That Harm Your Mental Health

It is important to ensure that your mental and physical health is in tip-top condition. Being in a healthy state mentally makes you feel good about yourself and gives you the strength to power through each day. This is why experts advise that you implement various measures to help improve upon this aspect of your well-being. However, there may be other habits you carry out daily that have negative effects on your mental health. Most of which you didn’t notice! Here are some habits you need to stop right now.

1. Venting and complaining

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Now, this may seem strange. After all, venting and complaining are safe ways of releasing anger. Holding on to anger could only prove disastrous and negatively affect your mental health. While this is true, excessive and constant complaining and venting can be just as harmful. Both these habits can rapidly feed your anger and encourage unhealthy thoughts. It can also prevent you from calming down to resolve issues, increasing your anger. Instead of engaging in this habit, you can find healthier ways of releasing anger. For instance, you can consult therapists to guide you on the safe ways of letting go of anger and stress. You can also check yourself, giving yourself a short period to vent and complain. You can also try a positive approach, such as finding the bright side in a situation.

2. Being disorganized

Sometimes, keeping your living or working space in order can be difficult with all you have to do in the week. However, leaving clutter to pile up can lead to several negative effects. For instance, you become quite unproductive and find it difficult to relax after a long day. Additionally, experts have found that a disorganized space can overstimulate the brain and can overload your senses, which is stressful. Also, clutter can affect your relationships as no one would appreciate your messy and disorganized presence. This can negatively affect your mental health as well.

3. Sloughing

Bad posture is usually associated with physical health. However, your habit of slumping over can also harm your mental health. Research has linked this bad posture to depression, moodiness, and poor self-image. What’s more, a Havard study found that simply sitting straight improved various mental health conditions such as anxiety. Therefore, make a conscious effort to correct your posture. You can also visit a chiropractor regularly to gain professional advice on the best posture positions you should be in. Next time you are in a bind, all you may need to do is straighten your back. 

4. Procrastination

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“Don’t worry. I’ll do it tomorrow.” Does that sound like you? This seemingly harmless habit has made 20% of Americans chronic procrastinators. The truth is, it isn’t unusual for work to be put aside to be dealt with later. However, what makes procrastination so unhealthy is the last-minute rush it comes with. This can only lead to stress, which takes a toll on your mental health. In many cases, your fixation on completing your task in a limited time can also make you anxious, worsening your mental health.

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