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Thursday, August 25, 2022

Fashion With Comfort: Tips To Make Your Outfits More Comfortable

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When you think of comfortable clothing, a pair of sweatpants and pajamas come to mind. Unfortunately, that's not the appropriate attire for a lot of occasions. Although you may want to be on top of the trendiest clothes and fashion, they can make you a bit uncomfortable. But that shouldn't be the case. So, how can you ensure you're comfortable in your outfits, no matter what? Here are some tips to make them more comfortable.

1. Try flowy and loose-fitting clothes

The great thing about flowy clothes is that they're comfortable, versatile, and easy to wear. There are also different options and styles to choose from, so you can find one for any event. For example, if you're attending a wedding as a bridesmaid, you can find modest bridesmaid dresses that flow elegantly on the body. And if you're going for a walk, meeting up with friends, or even going to work, you can find various flowy and loose-fitting clothes perfect for the occasion. Plus, loose-fitting clothes are becoming super trendy, so keep this in mind.

2. Choose comfortable fabric underneath

From bras and boxer shorts to singlets and undershirts, you want to ensure that anything you wear underneath is comfortable. You should also ensure they aren't harsh against your skin. Your undergarments have the first contact with your skin. So if they make you uncomfortable, nothing else you wear over them will help. In most cases, the tighter your undergarments are, the more uncomfortable they'll be as they'll press too deeply into your skin. So, it's best to opt for gentle and breathable undergarments on your skin.

3. Stretch out your jeans

Yoga pants and leggings are comfortable, but they aren't the most appropriate options in most cases. But a pair of denim jeans may do the trick. And they may not seem as comfortable as your yoga pants, but you'll be glad to know they actually are! However, for many, jeans aren't so comfortable. In that case, you can consider stretching them. When you purchase a new pair of jeans (whether a pair of classic wide-legged jeans or an eccentric skinny option), take the time to stretch them out first. 

Stretching your jeans means getting a couple of wears out of them before you 'officially' head out in them. For example, you can wear a newly purchased pair of skinny jeans at home for a couple of days to allow the fabric to stretch a little, especially the thighs and waist. You can try this hack for pretty much any other close-fitting clothes aside from your jeans.

4. Know your body type and preferred fabric

Knowing your body type is important. And dressing to suit it will make you more comfortable. For example, if you have a wider torso, dresses that flow on your body may feel more comfortable than a button-up blouse, especially one that feels constricting. Also, know what fabrics you prefer or work best for you or feel more comfortable on your skin.

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