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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

The Most Sought-After Places to Live in the UK

Moving to the UK? The UK can be a fantastic place to live and there are many desirable places all over the UK. People tend to think of London when moving to England, but there are many sought-after places that should be looked at when moving to the UK. If you are considering packing up your belongings and shipping them from your current home in the US to the UK, these are the most sought-after places to live in the UK according to the Sunday Times.

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Ilkley, West Yorkshire

Ilkley in West Yorkshire was named the best place to live in the UK by the Sunday Times. This was thanks to its beautiful natural surroundings, lively high street, top-class schools and opportunities for young people. The average house price here is £428,000.

Norwich, East England

The medieval city of Norwich was named the best place to live in the East of England as a medieval city but with a modern feel. Norwich has a bustling town centre but you are also surrounded by the breathtaking natural English countryside, so you can benefit from the best of both worlds. House prices here are £273,778 on average.

Uppingham, Midlands

In the Midlands, Uppingham came out on top as a cool market town known for its public school, arts and excellent shopping opportunities making it a great place to live. The average house price here is £377,000.

Ballycastle, Northern Ireland

Those considering Northern Ireland will want to take a look at the sleepy fishing town of Ballycastle on the north-easternmost tip of Ireland. Here you have a stunning coastline, lush countryside and a friendly community. Average house prices are £169,000.

Isle of Bute, Scotland

It is the Isle of Bute that you will want to look at in Scotland as a small, pretty island that is also easily accessible from the mainland and 90 minutes from Glasgow. Average house prices here are £155,000, which is another appealing factor.

Sevenoaks, Kent

Sevenoaks in Kent is a highly sought-after place in the UK as it is rural and very beautiful but also well-connected and close to London and there are fantastic schools in the area. House prices are more expensive here with the average being £685,000.

Llandeilo, Wales

Those looking for a peaceful, remote area should consider Llandeilo in west Wales as a pretty market town surrounded by lush green farming land and overlooking the picturesque River Tywi. Average house prices here are £251,000.

If you are moving to the UK, be sure to research each of these areas as they are considered to be the best places to live here. People tend to only think of London when moving to the UK, but there is much more to the UK than its capital city and places that are a lot better to live.

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