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Monday, August 22, 2022

Madalyn et Rose Subscription Box: A Taste Of France

PR Sample: Bonjour! Bonjour Everyone! Have you ever been to France? It's on my wish list! Or maybe you've been (Ooh La La) and can't wait to go back!?! Either way, I have to tell you about Madalyn et Rose. Madalyn et Rose is an Artisanal Gourmet French Subscription Box and it is absolutely fabulous. I was sent a box and I am tickled pink. 

Whatever subscription box YOU choose, you will receive products that are authentically made in France! Let me repeat. Each and every product delivered to you is MADE IN FRANCE. Madalyn et Rose works with small to medium size French artisans who have sourced their ingredients in an ethical manner and also locally where possible. What else is great about this subscription box service? You DO NOT have to worry about customs duty and/or taxes! Those are covered by Madalyn et Rose. Madalyn et Rose is also a woman-owned business, which is so important to support. 

You'll get so much out of subscribing! One thing you'll do is LEARN! Isn't it important to learn, each and every day? It's important no matter how young or old you are. With each and every box you receive, you will learn about an assortment of French brands and what products they offer. This ONE box (that I have received) has educated me, on FIVE French brands. You can see the product, taste the product and feel the product. That's how you AUTHENTICALLY learn! This also helps you in learning and understanding the French language. This subscription box is not only beneficial to you, but would make a great gift! How unique is it!?! This would be a great gift for someone who has everything, for a child that is learning French, as a holiday gift etc! Every box is different and will be enjoyed. 

Do you want to see what was in my box? 

I know you do! Let me show you!

Confiture Parisienne 

Framboise Anis Etoile Abricot | Raspberry Apricot Star Anise (Jam)

This jam is so delicious you guys! I'm in love! It's from a French brand called Confiture Parisienne. Its composition is Roussillon apricot, Willamette raspberry, unrefined cane sugar, star anise, and lemon. It can be enjoyed on toast, pancakes, scones, or cottage cheese. I spread mine on wheat toast and my taste buds are delighted with its flavor. 

Le French Biscuit 

La Vie Du Bon Cote | The Bright Side Of Life (Biscuits - Cookies)

When I first started blogging, I learned that the word "biscuit" does not have the the same meaning in Europe as it does in the United States. For my US readers, a biscuit in Europe is what we call a cookie. Well, these biscuits are so delicious.  I love the messages on each biscuit! 1. Ce matin, je me lève de bonheur (This morning, I wake up happy), 2. C’est un bon jour pour sourire (It's a good day to smile), 3. Il en faut peu pour être heureux (It doesn't take much to be happy), 4. Je ne fais rien et je le fais bien (I do nothing and I do it well), 5. Recherche l’extra dans l’ordinaire (Look for the extra in the ordinary), 6. Je réalise mes rêves (I make my dreams come true). How positive are those messages!?! These biscuits contain no additives, colourings or preservatives.

Les Cafes De Mick 

Le Cafe Du Matin - Guatemala (Coffee)

This coffee has gourmet notes of chocolate, hazel nuts, brown sugar and gingerbread. When I figured out the translation, I knew this was going to be delightful! This coffee has such a smooth and rich taste to it. Delicious!

Confit & Do

Sucre a la Fraise (Strawberry Sugar)

Delicious sugar, indeed!!! This is a strawberry sugar that can be sprinkled over ice cream, meringues, cream or cake as a topping. Sprinkle as little or as much as you would like! I almost got carried away! It has a special je ne sais quois. 


Torchon (Tea Towel)

How beautiful is this tea towel!?! I'm using it in my kitchen. It says, Home Sweet Home. Isn't that a beautiful and universal language/thought. Everyone has thoughts of home. This neutral toned tea towel has pictures of various kitchenware such as pots, wisks, colanders and tea kettles. It's a pleasure to look at and makes you smile. 

As you can tell, I'm overjoyed with the products that I received. I was so giddy when the post office delivered my box. My postal carrier even smiled. She said, Ooh, you have a parcel from FRANCE!!! I felt special! Madalyn et Rose would make a great gift for yourself, family, birthday and holiday gift! Treat yourself to a taste of France today!



  1. Oooh I have never seen strawberry sugar before but I really want to try it out now! What a fun subscription box :)

    Hope you are having a wonderful week :)

    Away From The Blue

    1. I've never had it either Mica. It's so good! Makes for a nice topping :)


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