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Thursday, August 25, 2022

Twitter Blue | Bookmark Folder Ideas

Not Sponsored: I subscribed to Twitter Blue the beginning of this year. Twitter Blue is a monthly subscription, that offers premium Twitter features. The most useful feature I'm enjoying is the Bookmark Folders option. With Twitter Blue, you can Bookmark tweets and then organize them into Folders. I've amounted quite a number of Folders on various topics. This feature (Bookmark Folders) is also helping me organize all of my Likes (you know the tweets you heart). Do you know how many tweets you've liked? I have over 7,000! So now, I'm going through those as well and placing them in Folders. You obviously liked those tweets for a reason. Have you ever gone back to them? Sometimes, I don't have time to read things when I see them. Many contain useful information. I thought I would share how I'm organizing tweets I bookmark & place in folders and give you inspiration to categorize the tweets you save as well. 

Photo by Jeremy Bezanger from Unsplash

Travel (Folders by State, Country and Travel Tips)

On Twitter, I subscribe to The Travel Magazine (@TravelMagazine), Conde Nast Traveler (@CNTraveler), Conde Nast Traveller (@cntraveller), Travel + Leisure (@TravelLeisure) and New Orleans Airport (@flyneworleans). These companies always suggest (via their tweets) great places to go, both nationally and internationally. I bookmark tweets that interest me and make Folders accordingly. I now have Folders for Greece, France, England, Scotland, Turks and Caicos, Canada, Germany, Italy, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Bahamas, Texas, Florida, Tennessee, New York, South Carolina, Massachussets, California, Nevada, Virginia, Illinois, Washington, Arizona, Maine, Montana, Wyoming, Philadelphia and Utah. Whew! That's a lot of places! HaHaHa These tweets contain interesting and informative suggestions as to where to stay (hotel, lodging accommodations), dine (restaurants, local eateries, patisseries) and shop. I've also started a travel diary, with a section for each destination. From the information I've gathered, I'm going to write down what I would like to do when I visit each destination. I also have a Travel Tips folder. I have tweets that contain awesome information on topics such as how long your vacation should be, when traveling solo, what to do if your flight is cancelled, suitcase locks, luggage size restrictions, TSA liquid rules, travel apps, packing cubes and much more. The travel bug hit me several years ago and I want to go everywhere! You can keep up with me on my personal blog, My Dreams Wishes and Desires

Cooking / Recipes (Folders by Cuisine)

I'm not a great cook, but I continue to try! Whether you're a novice or expert, there are some excellent resources on Twitter. For all of my novices out there, subscribe to BuzzFeed Food (@BuzzFeedFood) I love them, because they show you really quick video tutorials on how to prepare a dish (whether it's breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert). I have bookmarked so many of their recipes! I am now organizing them into Folders such as Breakfast, Dessert,  Appetizers/Snacks, Chinese Food, Drink Recipes, Chicken dishes, Meat dishes, Spanish recipes, Salads, Instant Pot, Pasta recipes, Soups, Seafood recipes and such. My goal is to transfer what works into a notebook to keep. But when I need a cool salad idea, I go straight to that folder and wallah! There it is! 

Holidays (Folders by Holiday)

With the holidays quickly approaching, this is proving to be extremely useful. I have made folders for all the big holidays, such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. My Halloween folder is already filled with tweets I've saved on such things as the history behind black and orange as Halloween colors, local Halloween attractions & events, Halloween traditions, Halloween candy, Halloween movies and television programs, pink pumpkins (breast cancer awareness - month of October), teal pumpkins (food allergy awareness). There are so many cool things regarding the holidays on Twitter, that now I can gather, save and share all this wonderful information.

Coming Soon! Movies & Television Folder

How often do we forget, what movies or television shows are in the works and forget about them or they sneak up on us. Seriously, how many cable channels are out there? How many streaming channels? What's in the works at the movies? I often see things on Twitter and lose track as to when something is suppose to come out. It's hard keeping up with them all. So now, I'm placing upcoming movies (articles, movie trailers, interviews etc) and tv shows in a folder. It makes it so much easier. 

Local Events & Restaurants Folder

Support your city. Support your state. It's important to support your local economy! I subscribe to a number of local Twitter accounts (news media and sources, restaurant guide magazines, local parks, theatre, state tourism, orchestra, local hotels etc). It's a great way to keep up with local events such as concerts, plays, events, attractions, restaurant week, etc that are happening in your area. As events come up, I put them in this folder and revisit it as things are approaching. 

Beauty, Fashion, Wellness Folder

If you read A Very Sweet Blog, you know I love all three topics! It's important to work on yourself from the inside out. Your inner self is as important as your outer self. I think even more so. Whenever I see an article, product, short video or event that talks about one of these three things, I place it in a folder. This is more of a revolving Folder for me, because I usually purchase the product or attend the event. Once I do, I delete the tweet out of the Folder. It just keeps me abreast as to what is current, new and the latest and greatest.

Tutorials Folder

I just started this folder and I only have one thing in it so far, How To Use Chopsticks HaHaHa but if there is anything I want to learn, I can place it here. I often use YouTube as a resource for tutorials, but there are some good ones on Twitter as well.

Emergency or Hurricane Preparedness Folder

I've lived through a number of hurricanes. Last year, I put together a hurricane guide to help others. Even after all these years, I'm still learning new things to do to prepare for a hurricane. There are always new supplies, technology and equipment that comes out. I'm always reading articles about the topic and now I can gather all of that useful information and place it in a Folder. It seems nowadays, no matter where you live there's some type of event that affects you (floods, wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes). Gather information that will help you get through these situations and place them in a Folder.

Inspirational, Motivational & Funny Tweets, Calm and Headspace Folder

When you're on Twitter, do you ever come across someone that has written something inspiring? Something positive, uplifting, encouraging, funny etc? There's a popular hashtag called #MondayMotivation, apps such as Calm and Headspace, and even your personal friends! There's such an inundation of negativity we're flooded with on a daily basis (locally, nationally, internationally, at your job, at home etc) that when we see something positive it really stands out. I'm taking those positive words, phrases & overall tweets and placing them in a Folder.  It can be your own personal collection. When you need a little pick me up, go to that Folder and let other's inspiring words LIFT YOU UP.

In Conclusion

I wrote this blog post to give you a sampling of how I'm using the information on Twitter to help me. There are SO MANY topics out there! It all depends on what interests YOU! Write those things down. Start researching and collecting information on those topics. I'm sure my Twitter Blue Bookmark Folder Collection will grow! Twitter contains a plethora of useful information. While using it, make it work for you. Take note of ALL the resources made available to you. We all live busy lives. There's never enough time to read everything. Make a Folder. Save that Tweet. Read it another time. Read it when you're on a plane, waiting for a ride share, or when you have a moment of peace. I hope this blog post gives you inspiration.


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